Whose Flag?

We need to be ONE.

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Whose Flag?

Whose Flag? The flag that ignited the Trail of Tears and condemned my Native American Ancestors far from their Promised Land?

The Flag that ignited Manifest Destiny and stole, robbed, cheated and raped millions of Indigenous peoples to broken treaties, destruction and death.

The Flag that ignited the slave ships of the Middle Passage where my African Ancestors were kidnapped from the Motherland. Denied their heritage. Their religion. Their customs and traditions.  And what of those thrown overboard as so much excess baggage.  Or the others who jumped rather than condemn generations to slavery and Jim Crow.

The Flag that ignited the Dred Scott decision telling us we are only 3/5ths of a man? Where are we in the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Do you see any Native or African Americans in those paintings? Not even any women!  So do we salute a flag, a symbol…

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Another Photo Shoot with St. Peanut

Mavimet's Weblog

There is no doubt that I am going to miss this little guy when I move next week, so when St. Peanut decided to spend a few minutes here with a friend yesterday afternoon and again this morning, I took lots of pictures.

Many of the pictures are far from perfect, since he continues to challenge me by moving just as I press the shutter.  It is just by luck that I manage some good ones.  🙂  You get to see the good, along with some of the not-so-good ones.

I do like that his favourite perch was not obstructed by twigs and that the red car was in the background, giving some colour for most of the pictures.

I had to get one of his ghostly type pictures with him flying just as I snapped.

Countdown is now 8 days until moving day and 16 days until I leave for…

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Urban Exploration: Chimneys and Antique Roses

kanzen sakura

I had gone to one of the local BBQ places to pick up lunch for my husband and I.  As I stepped out of the car, my nose was taken captive by the intoxicating smell of hickory and apple wood smoke and roasting meat.  But under that fog of BBQ smell was another – one that immediately possessed me.

I’ve been told I have a nose like a bloodhound and when you cook for volunteer or used to cook for profession, it comes in handy.  Under the smoky BBQ pit smell, was the delicate and seductive smell of lemon peel and jasmine.  My nose perked up and my senses said:  antique roses.  In that locale, the roses could only be part of an old homeplace.  Old homeplaces abound in the South.  Sometimes they are beautifully maintained, sometimes shabby chic, other times beyond shabby and fallen on hard times or, in…

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Michael Kelley | Photographer of the Week

Photofocus (old site)


Michael Kelley didn’t graduate from a photo school, didn’t take photo classes and if you met him right out of college, he would have told you he was going to be a professional snowboarder. He was already well on his way. He had spent most of his adolescence and teenage years honing the skill and was winning trophies. He was good, appearing at the US Open, New Zealand Open, and placed 22nd in the US Nationals. But looking back now, Mike insists he is a “failed professional snowboarder.” The unavoidable injuries took their toll, and he felt like he wasn’t going to be where he wanted to be.

So when a friend of a friend was looking for someone to photograph their home that was about to go on the market, Mike jumped at the opportunity. “I had a camera and some knoweldge,” he said. “How hard could it be?” He…

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