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Whatever Remains

The remnants of the night tend to linger in my clothes;

the scent of liquor won’t leave my vest,
nor will that girl’s perfume, who was trying her best
my favorite shirt still smells of cigarette smoke,
or the drunken breath of the older bloke
the unsynchronised beats of the music failed to entice me
no sweat seeped into my skirt, I didn’t set myself free
nor did I get lost in the ogling man’s eyes,
turning him down was his most unpleasant surprise
I didn’t come close to anyone’s lips,
that reeked of mistakes and unfortunate slips
I went home with a friend, who remained by my side
kissed him good night, let everything else slide

And the following morning, when only memories remain
I can wash out the proof of their existence, though to me, it’s all the same
Because at least I can make all these disappear,
while you, I cannot
you are always right here
in my mind, never to be forgot

BY: Sara TK

The Wild West (Unfinished)

My top 5 most hated team!

To celebrate my team’s new win, today I would like to also spend time telling you guys my hated team. Okay I don’t actually hate those guys that much I just don’t want them to win for my personal reasons. Some of those team are actually pretty good some not so great. So, without wasting any more time here are the top team I am don’t really hate but wouldn’t them to win.


#1 Argentina: I am not sure why they are on top but I really hate those guys. As a Brazil fan it almost comes naturally to hate Argentina and France because they both have beaten Brazil the most when Brazil needed to win. That’s not actually why they are toping my list today because they are way worst team to hate then those guys as a Football fan. The real reason I actually hate those guys is because they are flat out RACIST! They have on multiple occasion express that feeling especial with my old country. So yeah those guy are good as a team. I mean they got freaking Messi and stuff so that should say a lot about how good they are. They have a chance of winning but the sooner though guys go the happier I will be.


#2 France: They should be #1 but I am feeling way too happy to day to give them the place they deserve. The hatred from my old country and this country as a whole runs deep! But that is not why they are on this list I mean if those guys ever took over your country you probably speak French and that isn’t all that bad. I hate this team because they almost always beat Brazil almost. They really are not top teams but I don’t get it they used to always beat my hero Ronaldo for some reason and it never really made much sense to me. When I really think about it I only hate those guys because of the old country issue and Brazil so that’s enough for me to wish them not winning anything!



#3 Mexico: It’s simple, they are in Brazil’s group and they have to go! My family actually have a lot of bad experience with Mexican people. I actually have a few Mexican friends on my own so I don’t hate the entire nation, I just hate the team. I kind of feel bad for them because they are not as good as they used to be and won’t get far in this competition. Based on what I seen today Croatia will murder them for sure! Or at least I am hoping because nothing sucks worst then when you have to play a team that just got they ass kicked and it’s in some major competition. Those guys are angry and wants revenge and since Cameroon is kind of good so weak Mexico is looking good as a punching bad. They will lose and I will be happy.


#4 Spain! I am a hater so judge me as you please because I just hate those guys. I am still mad because those guys won the last world cup! For me Spain as always been this random team who occasionally goes to the World Cup only to go home early. I know, they got the two best team in European league but that never mattered to me. I usually don’t mind Spanish country wining but for some reason they wins makes me mad! I am a hater sue me. Actually don’t because you can’t get anything out of me. I probably the brokest (not a real word) blogger in history so it would be a waste of time. If those guys wins one more Cup I the one who’s going to be going the suing!


#5 US of the freaking A. I want these guys to lose so badly and it just makes no sense. Am I the only person who enjoy seeing other people suffer for no reason? If you are please tell me who and why so we can hang out sometimes. For me I just like the fact that this country pretend they hate the Football. When the World Cup comes they still pretends  not to like until US wins a game they all go crazy and starts rooting for them to win only to be disappointed as they go home last again! After that they all go back pretending they don’t care about Football. This cracks me up every time especially when your American friend starts describing how boring and stupid the game is. It’s a pleasure for me to see them fail, does this makes me bully? I know they will this time since they are in a group back with big name team like Germany. No apologies there you know you love it too!


And that’s all I got to say on the subject here people, hope you enjoyed this little rant. If you did please hit that follow button if you didn’t well move on to another blog that will lie you about how they really feel about stuff. Either what are your top five or team you just hate for good or no reason? Get on that comment section and let me know as always Thanks for reading 😀


My Top five team!

So the World Cup is tomorrow for you all football fans! Well not that you didn’t already know that, I mean if you didn’t know that then you clearly aren’t a fan. Anyways so to calm myself Down I made a list actually two list but you will get to see my other list tomorrow. The first list is the list of my top fie team going into this tournament. I kind of listed them in the last article I wrote but didn’t really get in to the reasons why. Oh and before I begin I want you to know what this list has nothing to do with the fact that any of those team are good I like those team because I like them. Some are actually good some aren’t and I know that. As a football fan I reserve the right to express my love and hate for teams I mean to be honest we all do it. So without any more delays here are five team I really like going to this world cup and wish at least one of them to win the darn thing.


#1. Brazil! Yes I know it’s the most cliché #1 ever and that they aren’t good as people say they are anymore but I love this team! I love those guys for so many reasons that I don’t think I will ever finish explaining why. And do I don’t love them because they won the most amount of World Cup in history okay many a little. But it’s not the only reason I love those guys. As a kid Brazil was one of the reason I had a great childhood. When I first stated to watch football I didn’t much about it and I frankly thought it was boring and hated it because whenever my dad would come home that’s all he would watch and he took away my Tom and Jerry time to watch a bunch a guys running around non-stop. Brazil was the team that made me fall in love with the sport as a whole…whenever they would play I don’t know but I was just magic and I would help but root for them even before I knew they won the most World Cups. I know the team is not as good as they used to be since all my favorite players are either retired or deemed “too old” for this world cup. I still love the team because it’s not all about wining for me. I cry when they lost I celebrated when they win they are the best team I ever know I don’t feel that much emotion when other are playing. I don’t care if they are crappy now or that Neymar is a dolphin (that what they call in for those who watch in in Barcelona), I will love this team forever!!! I also love the country because of how similar their culture is to my old country. So to all the haters shut up and watch as they make this their six world cup!!! Or not.


#2. Germany!!! Yes football fan everywhere all know how awesome the team can be. If you looking for a team that won’t disappoint you when you looking for a good game well Germany is the team for you. Whether they are losing of wining those guy have the most entertaining games. They are also one of the few team I know that has the skill to beat any team I can think of and yes even my precious Brazil! Those guys play with such skill you just can’t hate them…unless you are hater. No matter who you are rooting for this year this team is probably on the list of the people you think might win. They are my fist pick form the group they are one and I am just never scared for them losing. I really wouldn’t too angry if those guys won unlike when I was when Spain won because they are actually got lots chances. I also want those guy to crush the U.S. team without any mercy. Overall those guys are one of the most fear and respected team ever and I have no grudge against them, unless the play Brazil then they got to go!


#3. Ghana! This African team is arguably one of the best team ever put in Africa. For me they are the best in Africa period. Those guys can hold up their own to any team I know. When those are playing I never really if they are going to win or not I just don’t. They got an amazing modified arguably one of the best midfielder in the game today! Those guys even manage to win a few time again my all-time favorite Brazil. They are one of my favorite team to watch because they simply are good. I also love that little dance they do when they score, cracks me up every time. I actually want those guys to be the first team to win for Africa! If Brazil doesn’t win they should win it. Go black star!!!


#4. Iran! Ah! Didn’t that one coming did you? If we all being honest here I think Asia as continent is just terrible at Football! Even if you are Asian and you don’t lie to yourself you got to say it “Asia is the worst continent to ever play Football”. I say this mostly because they have so many team yet most of them sucks. I am sorry but it’s true and I want Iran to change that for me. I want those guys to put their best performances out there and make me proud. I know when most people think of this particular Middle East country they think of uh…you know I mean. unlike a lot of people I don’t hate the country I just don’t, I think they are way worst countries out there to hate and this guys just aren’t on my top list. If those guy Won and yes I dare say it win this thing it would certainly go a long way to take away some bad stigma that hunts them. I am not from there people in case if you are wondering nor am I Asian at all but l am from a place where people the world seem to think terribly ill of so I know how it feels to be an outcast. Unless if you are flat out racist then I am sure you can understand what I trying to say here. Football is all about ignoring what country you came from and focus on what all love, the game. You know what would make my day? Those guys playing the all mighty racist U.S. and winning. That would be a good day on earth.


#5. Australia! Okay that one decently came out nowhere didn’t it? I mean if you ever watch the game at all you should know that these guy are barley average to put it at best. They nobodies in anybody’s list that matter unless you from there. I personally don’t even know why those guys are in this list not for any good reasons anyways. Let’s put it this way, every competition of any sort that you watch isn’t true that there is always this underdog you root for just because you fell pity for them. Well mate that is exactly how I feel about this team. They are harmless to any of the big names in this competition and they were chosen mostly by default. Oceania is the smallest continent on Earth and only have fourteen countries which some are down by other countries elsewhere. Australia makes the entire place if you ever looked at a map, So it only makes sense that they gets qualified or New Zealand, those guy get quailed too sometimes. They are my chosen underdog which probably will lose yet I want to root for them. I don’t know but I really am.


So! What do you think of my list? Pretty solid right? I know, It’s a weird one considering the completion but what is your top 5 or top ten list or any number list for this World Cup list? Please comment in this box and let me know!

2014 World Cup Preview: Historical Analysis

Agadjanian Sports

In all kinds of sports, historical precedent always end up factoring into tournament or playoff results; upon looking back at the outcome in retrospect, a pattern or trend of some sort invariably pops up. Of course, the challenge of prognosticating sporting events in this way pertains to recognizing patterns from the past, and applying them to the present, before they manifest themselves on the playing field. Even before intricately analyzing each team and its players in a tourney, it’s worthwhile to devote some time to evaluate an upcoming sports event with knowledge of its preceding history in hand. In this current season that has the exposure and popularity of sports flourishing on several fronts–which is rarely the case in the summer period–with the NBA Finals, the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, and the World Cup all within 11 days of commencing, the concept of historical precedent has several potential applications. But the World Cup is not an annual tournament…

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