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Spring’s Green Glow


When my frozen cheek can’t feel the sun’s light,
I now fear that spring is nowhere in sight.

I now begin to dream of spring’s pleasure.
Dreams fill with the sun’s ray and all of its grandeur.

I find myself longing for a warmer weather.
The kind of warmth that decorates trees with flowers.

No more storms or any of winter’s frozen shows.
I can hear the cheers of a birds’ choir up close.

The time have come for the winter to go,
Because now I want to feel spring green glow.

By: HBO read more @ http://allpoetry.com/H.B.O.



There’s a deadly cold inside and out.
It will take a fire to warm this cold.
It will take youth to fulfill this old.
It will take silver to sustain this gold.

There’s a fatal wind that blows from within.
A lethal battle all of us must choose to win.
It will take a beginning that must be found
To truly begin; to be safe and sound.

By Princess Poetry follow her @www.poeticpromise.weebly.com .