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EOW Chapter 2

Where is this punk hiding?!


“So, who’s getting sold. Who’s going to be food”. Renztnah slowly wakes up, opens his eyes while hearing those words fading from a distance. He quickly notices that he was chained up from torso to feet. It was a dark cave with only a few torches to light up his blurred vision. “Hey, look who’s waking up. How ya feeling big guy?” This voice was coming across from him. “Where are my manners, the name’s Deborah, welcome to hell’s armpit. I would shake your hands but as you can see, they’re a little busy right now.” With his eyes fully open then sees this bright eyes, curly hair ponytail lady smiling across from him. “So, what’s your name?” She said to him with a smile. He then said “I don’t know” he then try to glance at his shirt only to notice that it was gone along with his black pants and black sneakers. “What the? What’s going on?” She then chuckled as he began to blush “you must be new, those guys that captured you here are cannibals, they eat what they can, and sell spark folks. I am guessing you get eaten. They’re probably going to sell me since I am ‘spark sensitive’.” Renztnah starts to wiggle his body freaking out. “Isn’t there something we can do? What about these people over there in cages?” Renztnah said while pointing at the group of cages with 20 people of all ages in them. “If they are in cages they’ll probably be sold. They look like spark users.” Deborah answered carelessly while looking at the entrance. “How can you be so calm about this?! And what the heck is a spark stuff you keep talking about?”. He said in frustration. “You really not from here are you big guy? There’s nothing I can do for these people even if I wanted to. Even if I was to say ‘free’ them they’ll just end up back here in no time. If not those guys, someone else will catch them. Besides I am not here for all that. I am here because of today’s buyer. I been looking for him and I know he was going here today.” She says leaning her head back and smiling. Renztnah furious and said “so it’s all about you huh? You just like the rest of them”. “Maybe I am, not everyone can be heroic as you captain tidy whity,” she said smirking while glancing at his white underwear. Renztnah then watches one of the goons approach him and grab him by the chain and hang him over a giant boiling pot. He then began to stir the pot with a giant black spoon. “Please don’t do this!” He said while sweating. “Bad news and good news guys. The bad news is apparently the buyer canceled on us. He was attack on his way here by some masked hooded figure. The good news? All of our guest is now dinner” the leader said with his arm crossed as he looked at his men. ” Sounds like all good news to me. We already had enough money for weapons. This guy wasn’t going to fill us up anyways.” Said the man string the boiling pot under Renztnah. The other men started laughing from a distance. “Wait what? So The guy isn’t coming?! Grahhhh! What a waste of time!” Deborah said before touching her chains and melting them off her and starts to walkway. Renztnah and the other goons shocked. One of the goons pointed his gun at her. “Wait, don’t leave me! Help the other guys out too!”. Renztnah shouted. Deborah nonchalant replied “not my problem, I am outta here. I have to find this so-called mask person who took out my prey.” as she then proceeded to melt away one of the guns pointed at her. Renztnah pause for a while “what are you idiots doing! Don’t let dinner run away!” The boss shouted. His men then pull out their weapons and started to run at Deborah. “Wait! I know where to find the hooded figure! If you get me and the cage people out of here, I will show you where he is!” Renztnah shouted in desperation as the ‘cook’ began to lower him into the pot. Deborah then smirked and touched the ground and it all turns into quicksand. All of the goons the fell halfway into it including the boss. The only spot that wasn’t turned into quicksand was where the cages were. She then touch the ground again and it turn back solid and all of the goons where now all stuck with only their heads out. As they grunted and yell for help she just walks toward the cages and touches the bars and they bar melted. All of the prisoners just ran out of the cave yelling with joy. She then shook her head then melted the chains Renztnah was hanging on and he fell on the floor. He got up in shock then ran out of the cave too. The hot beaming sun blasting on his face he looked back at the entrance and Deborah comes out and threw his clothes at him and said: “now, show me where this punk hiding!”


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