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Why is Haiti still poor?

Yeah I found two videos that pretty much explains why Haiti was and still is in the situation it is in today. People seem to be confused as to why Haiti of all country can never get it’s crap together and is always in the center of tragedies. Oh and P.S. I know the second video is has Clinton’s name in it but I just wanted to point out for the record, I am not an american citizen and am neutral when it comes this election cycle but the video really illustrates my point so just focus of the content.


Corruption in my game.

Anyone watch Mexico played last night? I got to say, man that game was one of the worst soccer games I have watched in a while. that penalty kick was clearly wrong. If you can’t see that you are either one someone that knows nothing about football or two a Mexican in denial. Don’t even get me started on that red card. Panama played aggressively, but they didn’t deserve a red card. I have seen worst fouls done in the game by Mexico that wasn’t even called out by the ref. The second penalty kick was fair, but that would not have happen if the game had ended the way like it was going to in the first place. The same can be said for their previous game with Costa Rica. even if you know nothing about football you will see that was complete crap. What makes me more upset is those Mexicans out there trying to justify this nightmare. It was Mexico’s fault! You can’t tell me that Mexico just conveniently ha bad ref back to back and they had nothing to do with it. Mexico and the US are the two biggest donors to CONCACAF so it is no wonders that they again conveniently are the two team that wins. CONCACAF is one of the most corrupt branches of FIFA and I don’t think I even need to explain what that mean in FIFA corrupt standards. What happen last night was not the first and sure as hell won’t be the last time. I am not saying Mexico is the worst team out there, but you know you are sucks when you have been winning the past two games with only convenient penalty kicks that your convenient reference was able to provide for you.

Starry Night

When you are solitary,
As night drops his dark feather
Upon the quietness of the earth,
All sleeping, weaving the fabric of hope
In their dreams.
Except for you,
Who is left, alert and awake,
Under the roof of night,
The solemn night.
And our earth?
Still and silent, as a stretch of grave ocean.
She stares incessantly; stares with a heart,
Imbued with optimism
To cast a friendly look at them, called,
Her friends.
And you loll on her grassy lap,
With as much comfort as possible to seek;
For that sole reason,
To cast a friendly look at them, called,
Your friends.
No sound reaches your ears,
At the fall of quiet night;
But the sound of some rustling river,
From one of her calm corners.
And then you feel their approach,
But can never hear it.
They crept over her,
To touch the roof of night,
And cast their glances at both you and her,
Gleaming in unison.
The night turns into ‘starlit night’,
He makes a hollow inside you,
And an empty feeling of hope is etched,
Deep into your heart,
As the starlight falls over both you and her.
Both the friends staring with fixed eyes
With a decent smile engraved on your face.
And they, gazing back at both of you.
But you never hear them speak.
Their speechless faces,
Are the only bosom ones
To you and her.
Yours, theirs and hers,
Three of the stares adjoin,
And invites a true friendship to the three silent minds.
You are at last, taken into a trance,
Mild and unflagging,
Under the stars.

‘I wish I were there, where the cold earth remains my bed, the sky my protection
and the stars my guard. And my dream at night is the trance , I am driven into by the starlit night.’

Solitary Star

Whatever Remains

The remnants of the night tend to linger in my clothes;

the scent of liquor won’t leave my vest,
nor will that girl’s perfume, who was trying her best
my favorite shirt still smells of cigarette smoke,
or the drunken breath of the older bloke
the unsynchronised beats of the music failed to entice me
no sweat seeped into my skirt, I didn’t set myself free
nor did I get lost in the ogling man’s eyes,
turning him down was his most unpleasant surprise
I didn’t come close to anyone’s lips,
that reeked of mistakes and unfortunate slips
I went home with a friend, who remained by my side
kissed him good night, let everything else slide

And the following morning, when only memories remain
I can wash out the proof of their existence, though to me, it’s all the same
Because at least I can make all these disappear,
while you, I cannot
you are always right here
in my mind, never to be forgot

BY: Sara TK

Internal Exile

I can hear voices and I see other people,

But I just can’t seem to connect with them,
There is a veiled shadow that clings to me,
And it seems to render me all but invisible,

And when I dare to make myself known,
I stumble and stagger to carry conversation,
Constantly making mistakes and blunders,
I see gestures but nothing makes any sense,
Frustration and Anger are so identical to me,
I cannot and dare not try to tell them apart,

The sharp, icy dread of making eye contact
stabs into me with reckless abandonment,
Mind overwhelmed by such social nuances,
Thoughts jumbling themselves into a mess,
People become unnerved by my presence,
Try as I might, I can’t make a connection,

And then a dark, infernal voice bubbles up,
A voice I’ve known so well for so long now,
“Run away now, you just don’t belong here,
There’s no place in society for your Autism,
Go back into the cold shadows of the void,”

I open my mouth in desperate protest but
no words will dare to come to my defense,
Instead, Guilt and Shame pour past my lips,
Acridly burning as they force their way down,
Following by the freezing grip of isolation as
it pulls me, dragging me back into the abyss,

Watery shadows rushing in a great deluge,
Closing in on me and submerging my mind,
With my last gasp, I curse a world gone cold,
Fighting the exhaustion of futile frustration,

The urge to let the shadows drown me away,
I fight to resist the siren call of eternal silence.

By: Hegemony read more @ http://allpoetry.com/Hegemony


The Wild West (Unfinished)


the 27 incredible views you had only see if you were a bird 1 The 27 Incredible Nature Views You’d Only See If You Were A Bird

Barcelona, Spain

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Tulip fields in Spoorbuut, Netherland

the 27 incredible views you had only see if you were a bird 25 The 27 Incredible Nature Views You’d Only See If You Were A Bird

Orange County, USA

I DO NOT own of those pictures See more of these amazing picture @ http://www.nature-pictures.info/

RT-Why the hate on immigrants? (Legal Edition)

Before I say anything I would like to make a disclaimer and say that this. I have met some pretty nice Americans in my life so what I am saying here does not apply to Americans everywhere. I have had some people who are really understanding of my situation and were helpful so please don’t take any offense if you know you are not an ignorant. I have been living in the US for quite a while now and I have met all kind of people. One of the most interesting people that stands out to me are the racists and ignorant. Notice that I have put them in two categories because as similar they seem to be they are actually some really heavy differences. Today I going to be talking to all ignorant out there who somehow thinks somehow immigrants here don’t matter. All immigrants matter (even the illegal ones) but today I am all about the legal immigrants. Grab a seat because this might take a while. Some of you ignorant for some reason seem to think that Immigrants have it easy because we only here to take people’s job and live on Federal aid. People these days seems to think only illegal immigrants get treated badly other than “those” people the rest of immigrants got no racial backlash to worry about. I mean, after all, racial oppression is something in the past and we immigrants have it made. Wrong! Do you know how I know that racism is very much alive in these days against immigrants everywhere? It’s because I get the same treatment as illegal immigrants and I am legal! It’s not because just assume I am illegal or anything it’s because in their eyes it don’t really matter. You got those defensive racist telling you that they have nothing against immigrants they just mind the illegal ones. I completely lost count how many times I have been treated like lesser human being just because people assume I don’t speak English or just because I moved from another place. Hearing the occasional “Go back to your country!” or other stupid comments about my ethnicity is all in a work’s day. I once ask myself why? Why are strangers so mean to when I know I did nothing wrong? Is being an immigrant really that much of a sin? I did some research on one of the most racist places on earth (A.K.A. the internet) to find why exactly some Americans hate immigrants so bad. I found myself laughing as I read some of those responses. I filtered the most stupid ones and only considered the ones that seem right and is widely believed but couldn’t more wrong. I stop myself and started feeling so bad at how ignorant people can really be. One of the classical reason to hate an immigrant apparently is that they get some sort magical benefits from the feds that “natives” don’t. This is the one that made me laugh the most because I realize some people really believe in fairy tales. Most people who seem to believe in this fairy tale are struggling middle-class people who want to blame their problem on people. What benefits are they talking about? Illegals don’t get anything from the feds other than deportation. Legal immigrants get the same amount of help from the feds as born Americans gets. Do you know who get food stamps and Medicare? Broke people and by broke people I mean most who aren’t in jail or army and illegals. Welfare is for everyone! Citizenship or green card gets it as long as they are broke enough! Working class immigrants or illegals gets NOTHING!!! Did you hear that internet? Most immigrants don’t get anything from nobody! If you are really jealous or people who can barely afford to eat then my friend you can make your dream come true. It’s not that hard celebrities do it all the time…quit your job and live hard like its nobody’s business. After that, you will begin to complain at how much the universe hates you while you eat garbage. Oh, it gets even easier than you can ask your local homeless white guy since most people who are Welfare Food Stamps Medicare so on are white people. That’s right people you always leave that mind-blowing fact out since you are always busy bullying innocent immigrants. Google it if you don’t believe me most people are federal aid are white people, not the “good for nothing” blacks, not your local “lazy” Mexican, not even the “freeloading” Native American. Another notorious accusation on immigrants is that we take the native’s job they “rightfully” deserve. Before I start this, why do Lots of American feels entitled to stuff so much? I still don’t get why I hope to find the answer to that question someday. That is the actual accusation that made some sense but connected to the others makes no sense at all. How can an immigrant be a lazy freeloader yet is hard-working enough to take your “rightful” job? This logic makes no sense to me. I feel like ignorant should just get together and decide on a fix stereotype of immigrants because the ones I know just don’t add up. I going to assume maybe the “immigrants” they are talking about are legal for this article. I will talk about illegal stereotypes next but for now I going to focus on the legal ones today. In a sense, I guess some immigrants do take American (depending on your definition of an American is) job. Ask yourself this question for a moment…Why are they taking my job? I have all of the advantages to getting the job instead of him/her. I speak better English than them, I am more familiar with the country’s everything and they are not. Well, I got the answer for you, YOU WERE NOT QUALIFIED! Unlike the masses, corporations are looking for the best out of the best to hire. When they are looking at you resume and your GPA is only 2.5 while they got those Indians kids who have had GPA’s of 3.7 or higher, who do you think they would hire? The guy doing the interview might not like that fact, but he will take that immigrant over you. A lot of American won’t admit this, but Kids overseas study a lot more than kids here in the United States, ask anyone who has lived in another country for at least for 5 years. A high school student in France is worth a student here with a 2 years associate degree. Don’t even get me started on the Asians. It’s actually one of the stereotypes that is actually true (to some extent). If your education system has failed you I don’t get how it’s an immigrant’s fault. I am an immigrant and other immigrants are getting jobs I want because they are better than me. The exception is immigrants who came here at a young age and did not have a real founding education back in their country. I immigrants who come here to a high school or even middle school level of education might blow your mind on how much they know, compared to and high school student here. The other reason why American kids are not getting jobs is that the internal economy sucks. Maybe not 2008 sucks but it’s still pretty bad. Unemployment rates at still pretty high compare to where it’s supposed to be. But since people like to have a scapegoat for their problems on immigrants like they are the answer to everything wrong in the United States. If there are any other concerns about immigrants of all kinds please let me know in the comments because I don’t see why there should be. I don’t expect people to love immigrants  and start treating us like we are the best thing to ever happen to Americans (not that we aren’t the best). I just want people to stop saying stupid things about us that aren’t true. Share, comment, like if you understand even the slightest thing I said here 😀

My top 5 most hated team!

To celebrate my team’s new win, today I would like to also spend time telling you guys my hated team. Okay I don’t actually hate those guys that much I just don’t want them to win for my personal reasons. Some of those team are actually pretty good some not so great. So, without wasting any more time here are the top team I am don’t really hate but wouldn’t them to win.


#1 Argentina: I am not sure why they are on top but I really hate those guys. As a Brazil fan it almost comes naturally to hate Argentina and France because they both have beaten Brazil the most when Brazil needed to win. That’s not actually why they are toping my list today because they are way worst team to hate then those guys as a Football fan. The real reason I actually hate those guys is because they are flat out RACIST! They have on multiple occasion express that feeling especial with my old country. So yeah those guy are good as a team. I mean they got freaking Messi and stuff so that should say a lot about how good they are. They have a chance of winning but the sooner though guys go the happier I will be.


#2 France: They should be #1 but I am feeling way too happy to day to give them the place they deserve. The hatred from my old country and this country as a whole runs deep! But that is not why they are on this list I mean if those guys ever took over your country you probably speak French and that isn’t all that bad. I hate this team because they almost always beat Brazil almost. They really are not top teams but I don’t get it they used to always beat my hero Ronaldo for some reason and it never really made much sense to me. When I really think about it I only hate those guys because of the old country issue and Brazil so that’s enough for me to wish them not winning anything!



#3 Mexico: It’s simple, they are in Brazil’s group and they have to go! My family actually have a lot of bad experience with Mexican people. I actually have a few Mexican friends on my own so I don’t hate the entire nation, I just hate the team. I kind of feel bad for them because they are not as good as they used to be and won’t get far in this competition. Based on what I seen today Croatia will murder them for sure! Or at least I am hoping because nothing sucks worst then when you have to play a team that just got they ass kicked and it’s in some major competition. Those guys are angry and wants revenge and since Cameroon is kind of good so weak Mexico is looking good as a punching bad. They will lose and I will be happy.


#4 Spain! I am a hater so judge me as you please because I just hate those guys. I am still mad because those guys won the last world cup! For me Spain as always been this random team who occasionally goes to the World Cup only to go home early. I know, they got the two best team in European league but that never mattered to me. I usually don’t mind Spanish country wining but for some reason they wins makes me mad! I am a hater sue me. Actually don’t because you can’t get anything out of me. I probably the brokest (not a real word) blogger in history so it would be a waste of time. If those guys wins one more Cup I the one who’s going to be going the suing!


#5 US of the freaking A. I want these guys to lose so badly and it just makes no sense. Am I the only person who enjoy seeing other people suffer for no reason? If you are please tell me who and why so we can hang out sometimes. For me I just like the fact that this country pretend they hate the Football. When the World Cup comes they still pretends  not to like until US wins a game they all go crazy and starts rooting for them to win only to be disappointed as they go home last again! After that they all go back pretending they don’t care about Football. This cracks me up every time especially when your American friend starts describing how boring and stupid the game is. It’s a pleasure for me to see them fail, does this makes me bully? I know they will this time since they are in a group back with big name team like Germany. No apologies there you know you love it too!


And that’s all I got to say on the subject here people, hope you enjoyed this little rant. If you did please hit that follow button if you didn’t well move on to another blog that will lie you about how they really feel about stuff. Either what are your top five or team you just hate for good or no reason? Get on that comment section and let me know as always Thanks for reading 😀