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It was all coming back again; the thoughts, the madness, the anxiety, and the stress I’ve been dealing with for these past years. It’s killing me softly. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I wanted to end all of these sufferings with just a click of a gun. I had never been trusted by anyone around me. I was working on my own. Pay the house rent and expenses for school. My family? They all disowned me. My dad never even appreciates all I achieved. All he could see was mistakes and mistakes alone. I worth just a trashcan to them and I don’t deserve this kind of treatment. I deserve to be respected and trusted. They bring me to this world and I never ask them to bring me and just treat me like this.

I had a break up too just ten days ago. This guy just broke up with me because he can’t take the pressure I’m giving into the relationship. Because I had too much problem but I guess it’s not the only reason. Moving on with too much problem is very hard but I am trying my best to do so. I am praying that writing this can help with my depression. I know I’m not the only one having these thoughts. All I could say is fight. We still had ourselves to lean on. People can never understand us. They never would.


A Life That Could Have Been Saved


Love is not given
But thoroughly taken away
Leaving those broken
Without a word to say

Nothing to feel
Nothing to lose
Nothing but a lonesome girl
With so much to prove

So much unsaid
But who the hell cares?
Just a young heart drowning
Living in a world of despair

No attention is paid
Lonesome she stays
She cries at night
Befriending a blade

Comfort she finds
In a color so crimson
With every breath she wants more
More blood is her mission

One cut too deep
One funeral later
The lonesome girl
Is the talk of the paper

Lonesome she is not
All attention is now paid
Every soul now cares
Because of the young girl’s mistake

By the wonderfully talented Sierra McMullin- See more at: http://allpoetry.com/SierraHope