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Emotions that can transform in an instant,
Mind trapped within a whirlwind of chaos,
Pain covering me and smothering my heart,
Taunted by how other people see my Autism,
Invisible glass trapping me inside my mind,
Nothingness pouring in to fill this glass box,
Everyone seems able to function, except me,
Sweet sorrow sang in the guise of a lullaby,
Slumber dissolving me away unto oblivion.

By: Hegemony read more @ http://allpoetry.com/Hegemony




Dark room breeding my wounds

as I sit hidden in its shadows

those painful mutterings drowning

down my gullible throat



Echoes of lost warmth

reverberating through my hollow soul

summing my sorrows beneath my shadow

straining eyes see it lingering

the distant healer; Time

By Irene Clasper  see more of her work @ http://allpoetry.com/Irene_Clasper