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Whatever Remains

The remnants of the night tend to linger in my clothes;

the scent of liquor won’t leave my vest,
nor will that girl’s perfume, who was trying her best
my favorite shirt still smells of cigarette smoke,
or the drunken breath of the older bloke
the unsynchronised beats of the music failed to entice me
no sweat seeped into my skirt, I didn’t set myself free
nor did I get lost in the ogling man’s eyes,
turning him down was his most unpleasant surprise
I didn’t come close to anyone’s lips,
that reeked of mistakes and unfortunate slips
I went home with a friend, who remained by my side
kissed him good night, let everything else slide

And the following morning, when only memories remain
I can wash out the proof of their existence, though to me, it’s all the same
Because at least I can make all these disappear,
while you, I cannot
you are always right here
in my mind, never to be forgot

BY: Sara TK

The Wild West (Unfinished)

Part 4- The End

Part 3-Sealed Fate

Part 2-A Painful Reunion

Part 1-The Exile

She tries to scream. Pain. It’s everywhere. In her, on her; everywhere. A constant pressure weighing down on her; unwavering. Tears flow down her face as she surfaces to consciousness. Adan has pushed the wolf off of Mary. This pain is like a tidal wave ready to crash over the girl; ready to destroy her.
Her teeth clench together to stop herself from voicing how the pain burns like fire in her chest, detonating in her skull with each beat of her heart. Her mind screams for the agony to stop. She curls into a ball, covering her head as her fingers tear at her bloodstained, blond hair. Her limbs convulse as a stabbing pain knifes through her from the inside. Small, pitiful whispers of pure, white-hot agony slip past her lips without consent. Death was coming for her, and it would come as a blessing. She closes her eyes, waiting for it to take over; needing this to end. Her body convulses yet again, and she cries out.
Suddenly, a hand grabs her own, causing her to focus on it and the soft voice whispering to her. His voice. Her pounding heart calms, but barely, for another wave of agony shoots through her like a bullet out of a gun. She clings to him with both hands; grasping for the thin thread of life she has left, gasping for air that is no longer in her lungs. She feels him pull her close; cradling her in his arms. She focuses on his words; they are drawing her into a calm bliss. Her screams fade to whispers as she clings to his shirt while his arms hold her. Both the young man and his love are shaking terribly, the pain threatening to drag them both under once more. He knows he will lose her. Mary breathes once. She feels Adan wiping the fevered sweat from her brow, his hand gentle and cool to the touch. He whispers her name, telling her it’s ok to let go; she does not want to. She barely manages to whisper her answer, choking up with pain. She won’t give up; not now, but she know better than anyone that she is done for. Mary feels him nod silently as he strokes hair slowly, running his fingers through the snarls gently. It calms her. She tells him to not let her fall asleep with a quivering voice, but her eyes grow heavy. The pain is unbearable, and she feels herself slipping from consciousness. She hears him whisper that he loves her; Mary faintly feel Adan shaking as his head rests on hers. She reaches out to comfort him as she feels his tears fall on her face, but her hand slips from his, and then all fades to black.
Adan sobs loudly holding her body. Mary is gone. And so is his child. He has lost everything, and he is stranded in these woods without another soul in the universe knowing where he is. He is wounded badly, his leg twisted and bent at awkward angles, the bone protruding from the skin, blood swiftly emptying from his veins as his heart pumps it out of him.
Weakly, Adan gently moves to grab his knife away from Mary. Clutching the hilt with both hands, he weighs his options:
If he survives? A life without Mary, their baby, and constant pain?
If he ends it here and now there would be no pain, only bliss?
Sighing, the heartbroken boy wipes his tears away and puts the knife in his coat while fighting off the dizziness that fills his head as he tears apart his shirt. Cutting off the circulation to his leg will have to work, even if it meant losing it. He will survive, he thinks to himself determinedly. He will survive for her.

Part 3- Sealed Fate

Part 2-A Painful Reunion

Part 4-The End

Mary yelled at the wolves to go away, to leave her alone, but they did not. They were wild animals. They did not understand her desperate cries. It had been hopeless.
Then Adan was there; scared, yet determined and confident to save her from such a horrible fate. And his horse, oh that beautiful and powerful gelding he rode so proudly…
The accident fills her mind as the girl tenderly pulls him to her, carefully making sure not to make him move too much. “Adan,” she half sobs to the young man in shock laying in the snow when she sees the blood seeping through the leg of his pants. “Oh Adan, wake up!”
When the snarl sounds, she is frozen in terror. Was this their fate? To die in the snow, brutally destroyed by wolves? Mary weeps at the thought, trying to break through the darkness that has taken over the boy.
As the snarling slowly grows, Mary risks a glance behind her to the monster at her back. The coal-black wolf glares right back from a few yards away, his golden eyes flashing with the excitement and hunger for his captured prey.
“Shhh…” Whispers a voice. “Move slowly, or we shall both be dead.”
Mary recognizes Adan’s weak, pain ridden voice and slowly reaches for his other hand, clasping both in hers, holding them to her chest. She obeys.
Slowly, she moves her gaze from the great, black creature to Adan. His chocolate-brown eyes open for a brief moment, then slam shut again. He is shaking, now. Holding in the screaming, gut-wrenching agony he feels is taxing, and his already worn energy is quickly wearing thin.
“Here,” he whispers as he pulls one hand free, reaching inside his jacket. Uneasily, Mary watches as he tries to pull a rather large, antler handled knife from his coat. “Defend, love.”
Fresh tears streak her face as  Adan tries to sit up, and fails. Carefully, she removes the knife slowly from her lover’s jacket, meeting those mesmerizing, dark, and tired eyes she knows so well one last time. Mary lays his hand down gently, clutching his knife. She knew in that moment what she would do.
The young woman stands and turns away from her beloved, facing the snarling black wolf, one shaking hand on her large belly. She advances one step, and that is all it takes. The hungry predator lunges.
Mary stabs the air with the knife blindly, cursing herself under her breath for letting them get into this situation.
Again, the vile creature lunges directly at her, hitting her at full force. Mary falls back as the force of the wolf’s jump knocks her over, crying out. Adan is calling for her. The desperation in his voice is as plain as day.
Focusing back on the wolf she lashes out in vain. The powerful animal sinks his teeth deep into her shoulder, and Mary screams. Her shoulder burns and is turning the pure white snow red with her blood.
She desperately clings to the knife, stabbing upwards. The wolf howls in rage as the blade slices through his thick, midnight coat, and jumps off the girl.
Seizing the moment, Mary gets up and stumbles away from the creature. “Adan,” she cries out, sobbing his name as she sees him passed out again. To her horror, she realizes he had tried to pull up the leg of his pants to see the damage. The bone was protruding from the skin, and his blood pooled in the snow around it.
That is all the distraction the wolf needs. The woman’s concentration has slipped. He attacks.
Hearing the beast running towards her, Mary whips around, holding the blade out, terrified. The wolf lunges, jumping up and sinking his teeth into the throat of his prey. There is a terrible sound as Mary’s knife sinks deep into the wolf’s chest as it lunges at the girl.
The great black creature releases his hold on Mary’s throat, and falls dead on top of her.

                                                                                                                                                     By: TheCountryGirrl

Part 2­: A Painful Reunion

Part 1-The Exile

Part 3-Sealed Fate

The horse strains against the reins, his master barely able to hold him back. The man
astride the frenzied creature is alert; terrified he searches the plain, but the snow is too thick.
He cannot see.
“Mary,” he calls frantically. “Mary, where are you!?”
He drops down off of the dark bay, clutching the reins to his chest.
“Mary!” He yells, hoping she will hear him, but nothing except the howling winds reach
his frozen ears.
Desperate, he climbs back into the saddle and looks into the distance, but there is
nothing and the blizzard is quickly worsening. With a heart heavy with despair, both man and
beast make for the shelter of the trees and the safety of home.
Once inside the thick forest, the young man, no older than nineteen, instantly notices
the pawprints in the snow. Wolves. Fresh tracks litter the area and their scent fills his nose.
His breath catches in his throat when he notices the imprints of a woman’s boots heading into
the trees, and how the wolves’ tracks seem to follow them; cautiously at first, then sprinting, it
seems, after the bootprints.
Fear strikes his heart as he pushes his horse through the trees as fast as he dares. He
is aware that his traps are near, but that is not what worries him so thoroughly. He knows
without question these are Mary’s tracks, and they are headed right for the staked wolf pits.
He drives the young gelding beneath him straight ahead through the trees along the path of
tracks, his heart hammering as adrenaline sings through his veins. What if he was too late?
What if she fell into one of his eleven pits he had dug just before the snows had come? The
terrified man and his horse race onwards.
Soon, up ahead, he hears the growing snarls of wolves gathering around their prey.
They are not near to the pits, but that is of little assurance to him.
“No,” screams a feminine voice. Her voice. “Stay back! Stay Back!”
The boy lurches into the clearing on his beautiful gelding, and the wolves instantly turn
on him. “Mary, Run!” he shouts to the girl as his horse rears, knocking him from the saddle.
He lands hard shaking his head to rid it of the cloudiness forming at the edges of his vision.
“Adan,” Mary screams as the boy’s horse rises again in fear of the gathering wolves.
“Watch out!”
It is too late. The young, terrified creature’s powerful hooves come crashing down
upon the boy, shattering his leg beneath their thundering force. A bright, flashing pain radiates
from him as the gelding races away with the wolves hot on its tail and as the young woman
races toward the man she loves. Adan cries out as the agony sweeps through his body,
and then lays still. Mary reaches him, throwing herself down into the snow next to him, tears
streaming from her brilliant blue eyes as she takes his hand in hers.
Suddenly, a low, guttural snarl sounds behind the boy passed out in the snow and the
girl who is trying to wake him. The girl freezes. ‘Oh, no,’ she thinks. ‘This is it. This is the end

By: TheCountryGirrl

The Exile (part 1)

Part 2-A Painful Reunion

She walks through the snow. She’s shivering; shaking so hard she looks as if she might fall at any given moment. Blindly, she stumbles through the icy winter storm; the wind howls in her face and frost snaps at her already numb skin, slipping easily through her thin, cotton cloak. She is alone out here, facing the wild weather with nothing but the meager clothing that covers her thin frame. She wanders across the barren wasteland in search of the shelter of the trees she had seen in the distance before the storm. Those trees… So familiar to her they were. She should have never left their shelter, or the safe calmness of living a solitary life with the man she loved. Not so long ago was it that she was in his embrace, but it feels so far away now… She might not even make it to the tree line. Continuing on her harsh journey, the young girl of eighteen wraps her arms protectively around herself as bitter tears run down her face, instantly freezing to her cheeks. She’s a castaway. Thrown into the snows by her own family because of a secret burden she carries. Exiled, frost bitten, and hungry, she recalls with deep grief the anger in her father’s eyes. Her secret had been kept safe until it was no longer able to be hidden any longer. He now knew of it, and had cast her away like vermin, as if she’d been tainted with a disease. She could still hear his curses and shouts in the screaming of the winds. Looking up, the girl finally can see the shadows of the trees through the blizzard. She is close, and soon she would be in the shelter of the trees. Fixing her cloak so it covers her better, she shuffles onwards through the storm. ‘A baby is no disease,’ she thinks to herself sadly. She vows here and now she will never let anything hurt her precious child. Soon enough, the soon-to-be mother steps into the trees, and the wind instantly dies down to a sharp breeze; still stinging in its fast pace, but lesser than being blasted by the wind full on. “Adan!” She calls, but her voice is snatched away in the still-powerful wind, and she presses further into the forest. Hours go by, and she still has not found him. She is growing ever weaker, and is hunted by the growing cries of wolves. She could remember Adan telling her stories of huge silver wolves falling upon their prey swift and deadly, their jaws snapping powerfully, ready to rip into flesh. She remembers a time when she and the dark haired boy with shining brown eyes that always seemed to smile told her stories of the deep pits that were dug to trap the wolves. Stories by a warm hearth of how some of the older ones he had found had been sewn with wooden stakes that had been poisoned to ensure the creatures death. Out of breath and suddenly very afraid of the howls that are drawing ever nearer, the young woman leans agains a thick pine. She is exhausted, unsure of where to begin looking for her lover’s house that had been built on the entrance of an abandoned cave. She is starved, dehydrated, and freezing. If she does not find warmth and, at the very least, water, and soon, she and her unborn child will perish in the snows.

BY: TheCounntryGirrl

Coming Next Friday!!!

Remember that post I made a while ago? Well it’s finally happening, TCG isn’t letting me down and part 1 will be posted next friday (12/19/14). I will post a premise tomorrow but for now get excited for it 😀 I know I post more about posting stories that actually posting them but this time I am feeling pretty hopeful. Hang on people I might just get this one to you 😉 Until then try to enjoy some poems by going to this link http://allpoetry.com/TheCountryGirrl .

Let’s talk about a part 2!

Okay I have recently posted a short shot called “The Missing Kid Part 1” as the first part of a mini series I wanted to try out. This my first mini series ever wrote or at least posted online and I just wanted to know how long I should wait before I post part 2. In order to figure it out I am going to see how many likes I can get for it. If I get 50 likes or less I will not put it up. If I get more than 50 likes before the end of the month I will post it next month. If I get 100 or more before the end of the month I will post it this month. 500 like or more than I post on the same day this happen. I want to see if people are interested in my story or not. If you have not read my story already go on this link https://wholedotcom.wordpress.com/2014/09/13/the-missing-kid-part-1/ and If you have already read it Share the link to as many people as you can. 😀

What do you guys think?

So I posted Part 1 of my short story on here friday night and uh I didn’t get anything. I want some feed back…did you like? Hate it? Don’t care? I want to know because without it I can’t improve on it. I know i probably did an million mistakes since english isn’t my first language but that’s whole point. When you guys let me know what I did wrong I can and will make the second part better. I would really appreciate it if you did so here’s the link https://wholedotcom.wordpress.com/2014/09/13/the-missing-kid-part-1/ go on it and leave me comment. 😀

New Short Story today!

Today is a very busy day for me but no worries. I am a person of my word (depending on the day) and today I am keeping my word. I am actually am going to post the short Story Part on today and it is tittle “The Missing Kid Part 1”. I am very excited almost everything is being put in place for the post to happen I only have to quadruple check it again to make sure there are no mistakes. Since I will be so busy today I won’t post as much as I did yesterday and the story might come in late. I mean it’s still going to come today as promised but don’t be surprised if you see it’s post it at 11:59pm tonight. I really hope you guys like this story and if you don’t I want to know why. I hope to see you guys soon and have a great day 🙂