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Reminiscent of Autumn

Ensconced in my Utrecht velvet armchair,

I plunge into those sprinkled arbours

As the embers beam through the bay window

With chuckles of the by-gone days wrapped in the leaves.

My eyes are pegged at their piles, sprawling further out, and

Carrying that golden shade of Autumn all over.

Even today,

I can still see that oaken bark as lusty as before, and

The leaves still crisping to golden when sunlight sips into their pores.

Memories begin to shower upon me, and

I begin to swim through the waves of my past, where

I’m taken back to Robin!

I see her stranded black hair, and eyes filled with dreams.

I see our Youth!

How heartily we used to play on the sweet-smelling grass,

How sunshine used to pour onto our tender limbs,

How we used to make up, if we ever got into scuffles, and

How we used to greet the picturesque morning sun, saying:

“Welcome you star of the day, rise and brighten up the Season.”


Autumn stays just the same as every year, but

Time changes as it does everyday.


Those moments still flutter before my eyes, and

Her whispers tickle my ears.

They are never perished and always preserved

Under the last shield of my heart.

Oh Robin, where are you?

Where did those cherished days go?

Where do we get back that innocence of our childhood?

Do you ever remember your friend Alice?

And there I sink deep into nostalgia, when

Teardrops blur my vision.

Solitary Star

Spring’s Green Glow


When my frozen cheek can’t feel the sun’s light,
I now fear that spring is nowhere in sight.

I now begin to dream of spring’s pleasure.
Dreams fill with the sun’s ray and all of its grandeur.

I find myself longing for a warmer weather.
The kind of warmth that decorates trees with flowers.

No more storms or any of winter’s frozen shows.
I can hear the cheers of a birds’ choir up close.

The time have come for the winter to go,
Because now I want to feel spring green glow.

By: HBO read more @ http://allpoetry.com/H.B.O.