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Why I don’t trust…Scientist

Yeah I know it just says in the title might seem a little outrageous but it’s true. Okay I think I mean to say some scientist since the more I have stick around in this life the more I notice that there seem to be exceptions to most rules. That being said I will not and repeat I will not make these exceptions into a rule. I also you to keep in mind that I have not meet or read about every single scientist that ever lived. What I am trying to say is that this little rant of mine is clearly opinionated from personal experience and (very limited) knowledge. If you are a scientist and reading this I hope you don’t take offense to what I say but instead to take it as something to think about in your future work. With that said let the whining begin. Let me begin by saying I love science. I love it and it frankly fascinates me. Scientist in the other hand not so much. Wikipedia tells me that they are supposed to be “One engaging in a systematic activity to acquire knowledge”. What piss me off the most is how people seem to worship those people as if they really do know everything. The fact is scientist don’t really know much. I know this sounds stupid but any real honest would actually back me up on this. They only seem to know a lot compared to popular knowledge, but when it comes to things that are needed to know they only know a fraction. So tell me why in the world I would worship someone who only knows some of the stuff I don’t know but doesn’t really know what I need to know. For example why can’t scientist control the weather? Do you know how many lives can be saved if you could do that even if it’s for one region of the world. So many people died from natural disaster related to the weather. I know there is a lot of things we would need to control in order to control it like temperature wind and lots of technical terms I don’t feel like listing. Or better yet why don’t they cure some disease that matters. Not this one seem a little selfish because all disease matters if someone can die from it. I am talking about the ones that are the most deadly and are actually a threat to world public health like I don’t Freaking Ebola for example! Some people actually have survived Ebola but this is no thanks to scientist I can guarantee you that. Those people survive because they are immune to it for reason that no “I know stuff that matters” scientist can fully explain. It’s so bad that they can’t even make copies of that patient’s immune system to take that thing that makes them immune to Ebola. Scientist seems to only find cure for disease that isn’t really much if threat. For example Cancer now I know there is chemo and lot of tricks they use but the truth is nothing can really guarantee anything because if that was truth the death toll from cancer would not be so high. Well except for skin cancer because of sun screen and other procedures. It’s like I said they are the exception to the rules. You can quote me on this those fools will find a definite cure for Ebola and cancer only when only a handful are dying from it. If you don’t believe me look at history. Black Death, Influenza, Aids, Cholera, when those things broke out and everyone was dying no one scientist didn’t have anything answer for anything! They only found cure or at least prevention from those things when it wasn’t really a major problem. Still don’t believe me? Get off the internet and read a freaking medical book. Those guys only seem to have information that are useless like “oh look some random star just blew up in a galaxy really far from us up in the sky” kind of info. While I won’t deny knowing that is pretty cool but can someone please tell me how in the world does that help me or someone suffering from Ebola? If that random star was really going to affect me in anyways trust me you guys could change jack! They would just sit and tell you something they have no way of fixing. Those fools get way too much credit than they deserve is all I am saying. They do some good stuff like the computer I writing this rant about them and many more. But let me just say this part 1 of all the things I want to say about this topic. If you were able to read through all of my bad grammar then I am sure you can read my second part which is coming next week. Until then believe me when I say not to trust those fool too much.