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Love thy neighbor.

A lot of people use say those word from time to time but never actually do anything else. I want you today to actually do something for someone you know or don’t.  I have heard all kind of stories of people going out of their way to help someone in need. We always look up t these people and aspire to be like that one day. We never actually do anything when we see someone in need. Most of the time we tell ourselves that they will be okay or that someone else will eventually help them. We never see ourselves doing that self-sacrificing move and reach out to someone who really needs it. I want you who is reading this terribly written post to actually help someone this week. This should be an important personal goal that we should all have this year. Not just for a family or your best pals I am talking actually going to that person you always take the bus with but you don’t really talk to. You don’t have to be Batman and fight crime whenever you see it. If you can then you can then you are awesome but I know if most people can’t do that. Just saying hi to someone with a nice smile can really help brighten their day. That person you always sees in class all by him/herself  but you never even bothered to say hi to. Go ahead I dare you to have a real conversation to the person you see everyday. Ask they if the need help and try to help them if they need it. That girl you see might suffer from depression but won’t talk anyone about it. You can be that stranger who help them have a good day. Just don’t be creepy about because that would just be weird and awkward for everyone. If you happen to be as socially awkward like me a nice gesture will do. Hold the door for someone, give a sit so some elderly, help that one immigrant you know that can’t speak english. I want you today and go out and really love thy neighbour. I hope you enjoy this post and really do something for someone else other than yourself or your homies. Drop a few word in the comment box and let me know how you have helped someone this week and share this post to someone who you think need to be more helpful to people. 🙂