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Melodies of Nature

As I’m resting on the soft field,
glossed by trees from the sun’s ray,
I capture this moment, forever sealed,
in my mind is this spectacular day.

The colors are colors you can’t paint.
Not even a photo can capture the peace.
Everything is pure and nothing is taint
as I enjoy this gentle, warm breeze.

The sounds are music unknown.
There is no way to mimic these notes.
Resting on this field, completely alone
as the nature to my body devotes

By shoutevenshy Read more @ http://allpoetry.com/shoutevenshy

Artist of the Week!

I would like to show case this week a really talented writer as my artist of the week. She is a new contributor to this blog. I am going to post some of her stuff here all week. Her work is fairly new to me but from what I have seen so far I think she has true talent as a writer. She does by the pen name of shoutevenshy and she is just amazing. If you like poetry that rhymes or romantic (Era) themed poems I think you are really going to have a great time reading her work. This is the link to one of her recent work http://allpoetry.com/poem/11940295-Prison-Walls-by-shoutevenshy and it’s great you guys. I fell like her strongest point to me as a writer is her great use of imagery. You guys should definitely find about more about her work here. Just go read some of her stuff and tell me what you guys think here in the comment section below 😀