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Corruption in my game.

Anyone watch Mexico played last night? I got to say, man that game was one of the worst soccer games I have watched in a while. that penalty kick was clearly wrong. If you can’t see that you are either one someone that knows nothing about football or two a Mexican in denial. Don’t even get me started on that red card. Panama played aggressively, but they didn’t deserve a red card. I have seen worst fouls done in the game by Mexico that wasn’t even called out by the ref. The second penalty kick was fair, but that would not have happen if the game had ended the way like it was going to in the first place. The same can be said for their previous game with Costa Rica. even if you know nothing about football you will see that was complete crap. What makes me more upset is those Mexicans out there trying to justify this nightmare. It was Mexico’s fault! You can’t tell me that Mexico just conveniently ha bad ref back to back and they had nothing to do with it. Mexico and the US are the two biggest donors to CONCACAF so it is no wonders that they again conveniently are the two team that wins. CONCACAF is one of the most corrupt branches of FIFA and I don’t think I even need to explain what that mean in FIFA corrupt standards. What happen last night was not the first and sure as hell won’t be the last time. I am not saying Mexico is the worst team out there, but you know you are sucks when you have been winning the past two games with only convenient penalty kicks that your convenient reference was able to provide for you.

Whatever Remains

The remnants of the night tend to linger in my clothes;

the scent of liquor won’t leave my vest,
nor will that girl’s perfume, who was trying her best
my favorite shirt still smells of cigarette smoke,
or the drunken breath of the older bloke
the unsynchronised beats of the music failed to entice me
no sweat seeped into my skirt, I didn’t set myself free
nor did I get lost in the ogling man’s eyes,
turning him down was his most unpleasant surprise
I didn’t come close to anyone’s lips,
that reeked of mistakes and unfortunate slips
I went home with a friend, who remained by my side
kissed him good night, let everything else slide

And the following morning, when only memories remain
I can wash out the proof of their existence, though to me, it’s all the same
Because at least I can make all these disappear,
while you, I cannot
you are always right here
in my mind, never to be forgot

BY: Sara TK


What was the reason that made her silent forever?
Why nobody knew  she used to cry all overnight.

What was the reason she gave up on her life?
Why nobody knew she was just a little scared.

What was the reason she hanged herself on a rope?
Why nobody noticed the suicide note kept  on her table.

What was the reason she let her best friend leave?
why nobody knew, her best friend was the one living in the mirror.

What was the reason she was always found in dark?
Why nobody knew she love seeing herself in the dark?

What was killing her
What made her so lonely?
What broke her into pieces?

Either it was the game she played wrongly or with a wrong person..

Author: The amazingly talented Annabellee Read more of her amazing words @ http://allpoetry.com/Annabellee

The Wild West (Unfinished)

A Sad Song

my life is like a sad song
with a violin playing in minor
and a slow contrabass

my life is like a sad song
with an out of tune piano
and a broken flute

my life is like a sad song
with two singing voices
with no harmony

my life is like a sad song
a song that is out of tact
it doesn’t sound right

my life is like a sad song
a song, no one wants to hear
it’s barely even a song

By: shoutevenshy read more of her work http://allpoetry.com/shoutevenshy



Dark room breeding my wounds

as I sit hidden in its shadows

those painful mutterings drowning

down my gullible throat



Echoes of lost warmth

reverberating through my hollow soul

summing my sorrows beneath my shadow

straining eyes see it lingering

the distant healer; Time

By Irene Clasper  see more of her work @ http://allpoetry.com/Irene_Clasper