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#ramdomthoughts-Women Vs Black Women

I got to say, I must suck being a black woman sometimes. I am not a black woman myself, but I really do feel sympathy for them. Base from what pop culture has been trying to shove down our throat, you would this that this would be the age of black women. These days you don’t listen to much love that doesn’t talk about a girl’s big buts, and big breast. Sure America and huge breasts have always had a love affair, but big butts were only a thing for back folks. Having huge lips now is all the rage for female models nowadays. Does this mean black women are now consider the most desirable type of woman? Far from it actually, Black women are still considered to be the least desirable type of woman. This is actually because big buts, huge breast, thick lips amongst other features are only desired to be seen only when it’s on a caucasian woman. This is just something I have noticed recently when anyone of those models decide to have plastic surgery and lip injection people seem to think that is the sexiest thing they have ever seen. Meanwhile, black female models who had to those feature those entire time still are not considered to be a top model worthy. Actually scratch that out, it’s ANY women out there that are not of back with back woman features are considered to be hot. Like to every rule, there is always a backdoor or a way around it. The only you can cheat that rule is if you are of mixed races. This has proven to the universal truth, and it doesn’t matter which races that are a mix or even if you parents are good looking or not. There is a 99% chance that you will be considered to be extra hot/cute if you are of mixed races whether you are a guy or a girl. This is why you will always notice a not so shocking fat when I tell you that countries with a large population of mix race are considered to the hottest countries in the world. Let’s take Brazil for example; It’s a country where more than 40% of the population claimed to be mix races.  Because of this fact Brazil is easily found in most “top ten countries with hottest people”. It’s pretty clear, mix people are ruling the world right now. The reason why is because mix people tend to be really light skin if not bother line white with a bunch of black features which like I said is what people really want. Yeah, it’s like I said, it sucks being a black woman because people say they want what you have but only when it’s on somebody other than you. It’s like being a millionaire and people still treats you as if you were not. I know this rant of mine sounds very shallow and some optimistic people can say that you all that matters is your personality and if black women are still considered unattractive it’s because they tend to have crappy personality. I going to stop you right there and tell you first that is racist and second looks does matter…a lot! It matters more than most people are willing to admit it. When you go for a job interview you NEED to look nice, there is no other way around it. It doesn’t matter how much you are qualified for that job no one will hire you if you show up with a messed up hair, ripped clothes, and smells horrible. Your personality can only get you so far in life unless your have a really outgoing, ‘in your face’ kind of personality. The same goes for looks, good looks can only get you so far unless you have an outrageously good looking body. The thing is that most people have a moderate level of both of those things. The truth is you need both of them to be successful in life, especially when it comes to relationships. The reason you chose who to date or not is because of their looks. you go talk to them to see their personality, but the looks are the first things you see and you judge people on it. A black woman never gets the chance to show what their personalities are because they are not “good looking enough”. Don’t even get me started on all of the negative stereotype black women have to live with. If you are black woman out there and you are reading this I want you to know to always be proud of who you are and to stop trying to be more like other ethnic women because when you do that you give in to the system and the cycle continued. Keep being real, natural and beautiful!


I think that being broke makes you selfish. I know lots of generous broke people but I just saying it increase your likelihood of being cheap and self-centered. That is one of my secret fear to be honest. I fear that once I am not broke all the time anymore and that I have money I will be selfish. let’s hope that I am wrong about that.


I has occurred to me recently that single people give the best relationship advice. It’s true most people just so happen to have that friend who is always single but somehow give up the best relationship advice ever.  It kind of makes sense because they will give you their least bias advice. Since they are not seeing someone their judgment is not clouded by any current experience or some else’s view. I also feel like that we almost never listen to that friend and end up making a fool of ourselves in the end. So go ahead next time when that always seemingly single guy/girl gives you an advice about that person you are dating. Take it into consideration at least and see where that takes you.


I wish I was taller. People just seem to think I am short for some reason. I mean I know I am not the tallest dude on the block but really people am I really that short? All my guy friend are taller than me and although I am taller than most girls I know I still think sometimes being six-foot like home boys would be awesome. I googled  the stuff and read a few how to list and I don’t think it really makes a difference. They all say the same generic things you already know like exercise, keep a good posture, eat right and sleep right and all that jazz and I don’t think it’s working. It even says not to drink coffee drink or do drugs which I know lots of tall guys do (Well the ones I know anyways).Actually I haven’t been doing that whole sleeping thing well lately but it didn’t seem to be working before so I don’t think it is making a huge difference. I don’t know, what do you guys think? Any tips on how to get tall? Do you guys feel short too?