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hujan dan memori tentangnya

Heavy Downpour --- Image by © Anthony Redpath / Corbis

Heavy Downpour — Image by © Anthony Redpath / Corbis

pick up line what is commonly used in people after the introduction of the name?


a little old-fashioned, the kind kedahulu-dahuluan.

sunny weather today

hot weather today

windy weather today

rainy weather today

of the many weather there is only one who is always remembered.

a little old fashioned, but admit that you guys better remember the rain.

I did not tell you all like rain.

read it again.

“Considering the rain”

What makes the rain is always memorable?

the sky became gray.

the sound of water droplets collide with the ground scrambling rise to noise


soil aroma reminds us of where humans came from.

excellent background to think, ponder, and roll back


Yes rain memorable because it brings the memories with him.

like when we were kids, running around half-naked in the rain

without fear of wet, sore, or an animal bite.

like a cup of warm milk tea grandma. taken together in

porch, warming themselves in the cold rain, storytelling.

or like the first time in inter home by the person you

love, both on the bike, laughing as wet.

there is also a story of grief.

when you lose the person you love forever.

then it rains, as if representing cry you hold.

when it rains and back fond memory, but you can not

repeat. because it is already gone, or because hardly afford.

all the more considering the rain.

everyone has memories of rain.

What memories do you have?

if I may know.