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Whatever Remains

The remnants of the night tend to linger in my clothes;

the scent of liquor won’t leave my vest,
nor will that girl’s perfume, who was trying her best
my favorite shirt still smells of cigarette smoke,
or the drunken breath of the older bloke
the unsynchronised beats of the music failed to entice me
no sweat seeped into my skirt, I didn’t set myself free
nor did I get lost in the ogling man’s eyes,
turning him down was his most unpleasant surprise
I didn’t come close to anyone’s lips,
that reeked of mistakes and unfortunate slips
I went home with a friend, who remained by my side
kissed him good night, let everything else slide

And the following morning, when only memories remain
I can wash out the proof of their existence, though to me, it’s all the same
Because at least I can make all these disappear,
while you, I cannot
you are always right here
in my mind, never to be forgot

BY: Sara TK

The Wild West (Unfinished)

Love Me a Poem

He saw her in the corner of the street.
That corner she would call home,
though it was anything but sweet.

With a cup of coins, she sat by the pond
and her clothes were poorly patched.
Her hair used to be silky blond

Her lips were pale, and her body lean,
though the only thing he saw
was her blue eyes with starry sheen.

He walked towards her, hoped to take her home,
but was beaten by a man
who gave her money and a comb

She combed her muddy hair, and disappeared
Into his black Ferrari.
He hoped this wasn’t what he feared.

Moments later she got out of the car.
Straightened her messy clothes,
And put the money in a jar.

She returned to the pond on the corner.
Before she even reached it,
another gentleman stopped her.

Too painful for him to watch her longer,
so he turned and went back home.
His feet heavy, his legs weaker.

Time to eat, a table for one was set.
He thought of those starry eyes
he knew he would never forget.

BY: shoutevenshy Read more @http://allpoetry.com/shoutevenshy

Love thy neighbor.

A lot of people use say those word from time to time but never actually do anything else. I want you today to actually do something for someone you know or don’t.  I have heard all kind of stories of people going out of their way to help someone in need. We always look up t these people and aspire to be like that one day. We never actually do anything when we see someone in need. Most of the time we tell ourselves that they will be okay or that someone else will eventually help them. We never see ourselves doing that self-sacrificing move and reach out to someone who really needs it. I want you who is reading this terribly written post to actually help someone this week. This should be an important personal goal that we should all have this year. Not just for a family or your best pals I am talking actually going to that person you always take the bus with but you don’t really talk to. You don’t have to be Batman and fight crime whenever you see it. If you can then you can then you are awesome but I know if most people can’t do that. Just saying hi to someone with a nice smile can really help brighten their day. That person you always sees in class all by him/herself  but you never even bothered to say hi to. Go ahead I dare you to have a real conversation to the person you see everyday. Ask they if the need help and try to help them if they need it. That girl you see might suffer from depression but won’t talk anyone about it. You can be that stranger who help them have a good day. Just don’t be creepy about because that would just be weird and awkward for everyone. If you happen to be as socially awkward like me a nice gesture will do. Hold the door for someone, give a sit so some elderly, help that one immigrant you know that can’t speak english. I want you today and go out and really love thy neighbour. I hope you enjoy this post and really do something for someone else other than yourself or your homies. Drop a few word in the comment box and let me know how you have helped someone this week and share this post to someone who you think need to be more helpful to people. 🙂

This time for sure…I think.

People I have a short story coming up in this blog! Our award winning follower CountryGirl is going to honor us with one. This won’t be the first time she shares her work with us but it will be her first story with us. Now I know I might have canceled a few series in here for no reason but this time I am telling you guys this for real! I don’t really have an exact date for one the release right now but just know that it’s coming soon and it will be awesome! Can you tell how excited I am in this post? Maybe I need to use more exclamation point. And the absolute worst case scenario my contributor bails out on me I will have no choice but to post the part 2 of “The missing kid” story. If the computer I am writing on crashes or I don’t finish editing it on time then uh. You will get a post that is actually contains correct grammar and it will feature me talking trash about how unprofessional CountryGirl is! I am just kidding C.G. I won’t actually bash you on my empty blog. But you seriously have to get the story before this month ends so I don’t embarrassed myself on my own blog yet again. Anyways, my dear viewers look out for this mind blowing piece coming soon. I am not trying to sound pretentious here I promise! I have faith in C.G. and her skill and hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. I think this is a good place to end this post. 🙂

No more poems!

This is just an update. There won’t be any poems posted on here for a while because I am off celebrating the holidays with my family! I am just kidding I don’t celebrate thanksgiving. I just don’t see why? I mean I am very thankful for all the stuff I have in my life everyday. I find no use for for such day. The same thing goes for other “holidays” like valentines day. Why do I have the need to validate you one that one day and not care after the rest of the year? Maybe I am just some weird sappy guy but I always try to make my girl (if I had one) feel special whenever I find the time. The thing I hate the most with thanksgiving is that we pretend to be thankful for what we have then spend the next twelve hours doing the most materialistic thing we have done all year. Don’t even get me started on the hypocrisy of Christmas! Look many as a foreigner things like this seems outrageous to me but this what I really think. The only Holiday I really have nothing against is new year’s day. There is only one first day of the year where you make false promise to yourself and kind of thankful you made it this far.Okay going back to the real reason I making this post. The real reason of the decrease in the amount of art posted in here is because most of the people that use to give come to me to share their work juts aren’t coming anymore. I don’t why maybe they have found sound one better. Yeah I have been dumped once again by someone I was really getting used to. Maybe it’s because I hate holidays or something. I now must challenge you now my dear people…I you are know someone that would be willing to share their work (poem, short story, art work, photography) I would greatly appreciate it. Or just my me in the comment section or drop me an email hantznerbonnet@gmail.com that would also make my holiday worth it 🙂 I don’t plagiarize anything in here I promise! I will work out whatever terms you want 🙂