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Love Me a Poem

He saw her in the corner of the street.
That corner she would call home,
though it was anything but sweet.

With a cup of coins, she sat by the pond
and her clothes were poorly patched.
Her hair used to be silky blond

Her lips were pale, and her body lean,
though the only thing he saw
was her blue eyes with starry sheen.

He walked towards her, hoped to take her home,
but was beaten by a man
who gave her money and a comb

She combed her muddy hair, and disappeared
Into his black Ferrari.
He hoped this wasn’t what he feared.

Moments later she got out of the car.
Straightened her messy clothes,
And put the money in a jar.

She returned to the pond on the corner.
Before she even reached it,
another gentleman stopped her.

Too painful for him to watch her longer,
so he turned and went back home.
His feet heavy, his legs weaker.

Time to eat, a table for one was set.
He thought of those starry eyes
he knew he would never forget.

BY: shoutevenshy Read more @http://allpoetry.com/shoutevenshy