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Never More

No more risk, no,
never more,
Too much pain to be had,
Too much risk to take a chance,
No more mystery,
never more,

It’s not worth the effort,
Nor the time,
Won’t allow the past
to repeat…never more,

Can’t accept the cold
of the unknown,
It burns, it hurts,
It chills to the bone,
Eyes closed, can’t look,
No guessing,
No enigma, no,
Never more.

BY Hegemony

Timber Wolf


A ghostly vesper,
With soulful eyes she gazes,
Contemplating, debating,
Confident yet anxious,
The north wind blows,
She sniffs and howls,
A haunting cry that echoes,
echoes across the valley,

She digs in her paws,
The snow is so cold,
Another sniff,
Another question,
Where to go,
What to do, she wonders,
Her ears perk up,
A howl echoes back,

She springs to life,
With swiftness and surety,
The timber wolf charges,
Panting, gasping,
The cold air burns,
But she presses on,
She searches and seeks,
for veiled answers.

BY Hegemony

Faith in Love

I stood near the large oak tree, gazing at the ocean,
Listening to the crashing of the waves far below,
There on that cliff, I questioned so many things,
I wondered if those things would ever be answered,
Yet he came…he came to me in my deepest woe,
And he stood beside me near the large oak tree,
Watching and waiting for a sign of sorts,
How he knew may never be fully understood,

And I turned to him with tears in my eyes,
My eyes met with his, such blue eyes he had,
I wanted to speak but my throat was shut tight,
So I stood there and whimpered softly,
And he stepped forward, surely he understood,
He stood next to me, an arm draped across my shoulder,
The crashing of the waves seemed distant,
With nary a word, I threw myself into his embrace,

And he held me in his arms, he held me so tight,
I pressed my face into his neck and sobbed and cried,
Then he spoke, his voice a warm baritone,
Whispering words of solace and comfort,
The smell of his cologne wafted over me
Like a warm and soft blanket of fragrance,
I closed my eyes and clung to him,
Knowing that he had faith in me,

I knew that he would never doubt me,
nor lose patience with my emotions,
He believed in what I say and what I do,
And I vowed to strive to do the same,
As I stood there in the warmth of his arms,
The world seemed so far away and removed,
Trust, pure and with no words to get in the way,
Our hearts united by the threads of faith.

BY Hegemony


For a moment, there is the calm before the storm,
A dire omen of what will come,
Time seems to stand still and silent,
The world seems to wait with baited breath,
Then my heart begins to burn,
Whipped up by the bellows of acrimony,
Until it is engulfed by an inferno
That spreads its way up into my throat,
It feels as if I am choking on bile,
Harsh and hot and foul tasting,

I stand up straighter and puff out my chest
Like a peacock on the war path,
I narrow my eyes ’til they are almost closed
And I grit my teeth together,
It starts with a whispered hiss,
Then it builds in a mighty crescendo,
‘Til I am screaming and howling,
Caught in the throes of my temper,
I clench my fists and wave them about,
To intimidate and to appear strong,

Then my mind sparks to life,
Thoughts bubble up, hot and agitated,
Like a cauldron I boil and churn
‘Til the thoughts can no longer be contained,
They flow like an erupting river of lava,
Gushing towards my tongue and lips,
My mouth becomes a molten maw
Of displeasure and indignation,
I part my lips and the venom flows,
Toxic words of hatred and vengeance,

BY Hegemony

Listless Life

Many people are shackled to life,
Hands that were once creative
bound in long and heavy chains,
Here and there and back again,
Repeating each day on end,
Over and over ad infinitum,
Life bleeding ’til veins run dry,
Gutted by the blade of monotony,

They toil and work and slave away
for a reward that is anything but,
And their wills are beaten, broken,
‘Til they are nothing but shells,
Empty husks of themselves,
Chasing a golden apple that is
dangled in front of their noses,
Always held just beyond reach,

And when the sun retires to rest,
They shuffle back to their abodes
and they fall into their readied beds,
Tossing and turning in restless sleep,
‘Til dawn’s coming, when they stir,
Awakening to labor and to toil,
Like cogs in a mindless machine,
They spin but get nowhere.

BY Hegemony


People go on with their lives, ignoring what is around them,
They are too busy with their tasks to spare even a thought,
To the glory of what is unfolding all around them,
They all have eyes but they don’t bother to see,
They all have ears but they don’t care to listen,

I sit in my car as I drive along to where I’m going,
Yet I can see and hear the joy that is to be known,
My heart leaps, spurred by fierce anticipation,
I see the steady brightening of the sky,
I hear the cheerful rejoicing of birds,

Then at last a beam of light breaches the horizon,
The first warm, golden rays of the rising sun,
I smile as I greet the coming of the dawn,
I behold the gift of a precious, new day,
I know better than to take it for granted.


Sometimes I wonder what could have been,
As I survey the chaos unfolding within
My own mind, a messy and confusing din
of thoughts run rogue, wild and unkempt,

Not a single day seems to pass by,
When I don’t end up asking myself why
I ended up the way I did, and a slow sigh
escapes from my lips and I shake my head,

Being social can be quite the riddle,
A puzzle with which I often fiddle
To decode gestures so quick and fickle
That it makes my head spin,

Yet as difficult as my own mind can be,
It seems I have unwittingly found the key
To unlock a life so magical and free
That I find myself quite content,

Somehow, I managed to end up with
The gift of gab, the tongue and wit
To express myself without any bit
Of doubt or dreaded hesitation,

And on top of that, I find that I’ve got
A vivid imagination that has taught
Me to look beyond the dreary blot
that takes hold as we grow up,

I still have the magic of a child’s mind
that laughs in the face of the daily grind
of a life that normal people would find
content, but I certainly don’t!

I find it to be quite bittersweet
That I of all people would discover the feat
of being simply me, carefree and upbeat,
Being normal is overrated.

BY Hegemony

The Ancient Road

There will come a time when we are all called,
To depart this world and leave for the next,
To walk upon a road as old as time itself,
As have those who went before us,

But as we move forward, we are compelled to look back,
Upon those whom we have left behind,
We wonder how they will fare without us,
We are pained to see them grieving,

Yet as we walk along that weathered road,
We feel oddly and strangely at peace,
As all things fade away, so too will sorrow,
And they will know joy once more,

The watery tears that fall from their eyes,
Gossamer reflections of their aching hearts,
Shall make way in time for tears of happiness,
As they rediscover the renewal of life.

We are comforted, knowing that eventually,
They too will embark on that ancient road,
And when they do, we’ll be cheering them on,
Ready to welcome and embrace them once more,

Because at the end of that journey is a world,
Where there is no pain and no suffering,
What is broken shall be made whole once more,
For those who travel the ancient road.

BY Hegemony

House Cat

With stealth and poise, he leaps and bounds,
As light as a raindrop yet strong and fast,
He defies gravity with such skill and ease,

In the glint of his eyes, the beast within
Is revealed, tame and humbled yet proud,
He is small yet confident and capable,

He warns intruders with bellicose banter,
The house is his rightful kingdom,
Complete with humans to preside over.

BY Hegemony