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Far Away

Away from the sleepless nights
Where the apple isn’t might
Closer to feel my hearts flame
Where desires can’t be tame
Away from my minds bane
With you alone now babe



by: MangoIs

The Trellis

I reached into
the tempest with
steady hands and
a practiced grip

I’d always tried to catch it
but this bit of wisdom
proved elusive

It did finally arrive in a
face, hair falling, pale skin
sockets holding eyes lit
presiding over a smile
I’ll never forget

a vessel vacant yet
full to the brim

flawless in
for those unskilled
a lesson, a formula
to plug numbers in

we were asked
to memorize it,
show our work,

soon I realized
the answers were
spending all their
time as questions

and that awareness
is the flower of
our future when

we choose to
entice its bloom
from leaf and stem

BY: Chad Bittner Hurt

Dancing Fire

There’s a mystical sort of place out there,
Where the North Wind always blows,
The presence of winter hangs on the air,
And a forest of creaking pines grows,

They say that fire dances across the sky,
So many vivid colors for one and all to see,
Beautiful enough that it seems a lie,
Shimmering lights that conceal a mystery,

Crimson reds and velvet blues,
Blazing golds and forest greens,
Curtains of radiant and dancing hues,
So high up above the evergreens,

There’s this place beyond all your dreams,
Where the heavens alight with dancing flame,
A land of rugged rocks and babbling streams,
Where magic is still real and not just a claim.

BY Hegemony