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Whatever Remains

The remnants of the night tend to linger in my clothes;

the scent of liquor won’t leave my vest,
nor will that girl’s perfume, who was trying her best
my favorite shirt still smells of cigarette smoke,
or the drunken breath of the older bloke
the unsynchronised beats of the music failed to entice me
no sweat seeped into my skirt, I didn’t set myself free
nor did I get lost in the ogling man’s eyes,
turning him down was his most unpleasant surprise
I didn’t come close to anyone’s lips,
that reeked of mistakes and unfortunate slips
I went home with a friend, who remained by my side
kissed him good night, let everything else slide

And the following morning, when only memories remain
I can wash out the proof of their existence, though to me, it’s all the same
Because at least I can make all these disappear,
while you, I cannot
you are always right here
in my mind, never to be forgot

BY: Sara TK

The Wild West (Unfinished)

poem- devotion

Shawn L. Bird

Your brown eyes

watch me with an intensity

of adoration that makes my heart glow.

Whenever I come home,

you greet me at the door,

quivering in delight.

You follow me throughout the house

set your head across my knees,

gaze longingly into my eyes.

I scratch your ears and you sigh,

with a satisfaction that trembles

up your spine.

“Such a good boy,” I say,

and your tail thumps

in lazy agreement.



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