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from bad to worst

*kicks the door in*

“I swear man, I didn’t do anything”. He said as they dragged him in through the door.

“That’s him boss, he won’t talk but we found the gun in his coat”. The man holding his arm on the right as he threw the gun on the floor. The flickering dim light give it a dirty yellow glare.

“According to this tour guide right here, there’s about 10 million people in this city and out all of those folks you chose to steal from my little girl”. The big man said as he gently put the pamphlet on his desk as he firmly got up from his big chair.

“It wasn’t me man I swear, you got the wrong guy”. He said as he tries to open his swollen eyes to look at the big man.

“Oh cut the crap kid. I know you live with your ‘grannie’ in 7 and 8th. I also know lil’ Jon got you the gun last sunday.” the big man say as he approached him slowly.

“Kay, okay. I am sorry. I didn’t know she was your kid I swear. Please leave my grannie out of this”. He says as he begins to tremble from seeing the creepy smile the tall men holding his had on their faces.

“Oh, we way past that level son. From now on, your shitty live is about to get from bad to worst”. The big man said as he stood in from of him pulling out what seemed to be his end.

Shattered heart

girl cry

All the emotions caged in my heart
Choked me,
As I tried to set them free
But now I’m an emotionless beast.

I am numb to everything but pain
There’s no day that I think I am sane
Every night you haunt me,
But I’ll never be sorry
For burning you alive,
Never will I revive

There’s no explanation
For what I have done
Because I don’t need to talk,
My silence screeches aloud.

I loved you to death,
For which I now repent.
Your love was so fatal,
I’ve died a hundred times.
Now you can’t repeat those crimes,
Stabbing my heart with lies,
Now I hate you.

By: Neha anand read more @ http://allpoetry.com/Psychedoll