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“It won’t start. I don’t know what’s wrong with it.” Katey said as she got out of her 1970 Buick. She stomped her feet in frustration.

“I am honestly surprised this old thing even drove you here. Get inside before you catch something.” I said as I took off my coat and put it over her purple sweater. We both quickly ran to the house as the winter wind blew pass us.

Once we got inside, I quickly turned on the thermostat full blast.

“It’s going to be fine. The roads close in 5 minutes anyways I don’t think even You could have made it out” I said to her as I put her sweater and my coat in the hangers.

“Joe, you know me.  Not even this old car could stop me from speeding”. She joked as she went to take a sit in the kitchen.

She was playing with her curly hair and she looked at her phone. So much had happened between us. So many things to say but my words wouldn’t be enough. She came by my place to let me know she was getting married. Not sure why she risked everything to come and see me when my town is going on lockdown because of the deadly virus. The army will be on the streets soon so we can’t even call a mechanic.

“Why did you quit Joe? I know what my dad said but I don’t believe him. I want to hear it from you.” She said as she got up from her sit to stand in front of me sitting by the table.

“I uh well, my services was no longer required. Your grades were good enough for me to…” before I could finish, she cut me off.

“Just stop. If you not going, to be honest with me just forget I said anything”. She then angrily walked away from me and went to the living room.

I don’t know how but she can always tell when I am lying. The truth is her father forced me to quit when he found out I had feelings for her. Don’t let the old car fool you. Katey is the daughter of the richest man in this City. Unlike me, everything in her life was planned before birth. Me falling for her wasn’t part of the plan.

“You’re right, I am not being hnest.” I said leaving the kitchen to join her in the living room and sitting across her, I continued. “I can’t bring myself to tell you the truth because some people in your life didn’t think that-“. She once again cut me off and said

“It’s my father isn’t it? What did he tell you?! Tell me!”

 I took a deep breath.

“Someday I’ll tell you…just not right now”. I can never tell her the truth because I don’t want to be the guy who takes her away from marrying someone who actually can offer her a future.

She turns her head away from me and crosses her arm.

“I get it, you hate me. I am not even worthy of a response. To you, I am just another idiot rich spoil girl who couldn’t even begin to understand.” She said as she got up and walked toward the window.

How can she say that?! She gave her car and ninety percent of her income to help homeless people. She is one of the smartest and caring people I have ever met! I wish I could tell her everything because my heart is bleeding knowing I wasn’t enough. Knowing she can never be mine.

 “Oh, it’s snowing,” she said expressionlessly.

I got up and stood next to her. The glittering snow gently falling on the frozen ground. as always when I am this close to her I feel like time goes slower. I don’t know what took over me, but I put her hands in mine and I look deep into her hazel eyes. Even a blind person could see how happy she makes me. It felt like our souls, very essence touched. This won’t last forever but at least I didn’t care. She looked at me and smiled. I was the happiest man in quarantine because I am in quarantine with you.




Love is like driving down the hill

In the darkest of the night with flat tires,

No single light and in the middle of nowhere

No houses to be seen and breaks not working

It will never be a smooth ride,

So many bumps, turns and curves.

It will hurt you a lot.

You will even bruise your head when you hit the wall

But you rather take that ride than not at all.

More than just a Stone



You’re sad because he dump you?

Be glad that he does,

You’re worth is more than the man who friend zoned you,

Show to him that he lost a sapphire like you.

One day you will find that one last guy for you.

Treated you like a precious jade and love you so true

Then you’ll realized all along you’re just crying for a stone

And not from a diamond you were truly belong.

Written by Jacob Ibrag We remained still, fingers intertwined within the midst of our manifested madness. Letting go meant the collapse of our young planet. And on the last leg of our last day, we let go and delivered the inevitable eventuality. Time is a faceless assassin and we were next on its list. Photography […]

via Remained — Eyes + Words

The Spring line update!

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“The closest to my heart”

This actually what I used to call this girl I once knew. We had a very complex relationship…but I will try to simplify it the best I can. She was the most amazing girl ever, I loved her and she loved me. Things weren’t always great, we had our flaws. My problem was I wasn’t open enough. I help back on my feelings, I lied sometimes  because I was an idiot. I wasn’t always there when I should have been and I wasn’t as supportive as I should have been. I really loved this girl but she wasn’t perfect either. She was extremely insecure and basically was the cause of her problems. She would get jealous for the smallest things. She always was easily annoyed and triggered a lot of argument, (pointless) but very long arguments. It didn’t help that we were from two very different worlds. She had a rather conservative black and white world and  I lived in a very grey liberal world. We had almost the same core values. We both poetry and the arts. We loved learning and knowledge itself, despite our flaws and differences. We weren’t perfect individual but we were perfect for each other. we were perfect in our imperfections. Despite all of those problems, this wasn’t what separated us. About a month before we parted ways my life took an unexpected turn. I was facing massive financial troubles. I could no longer afford school, I didn’t even know how much longer my family was going to afford the very we were living. We made some very big budgets cuts. I became very busy at work and my physical health was failing. We could no longer afford to talk everyday. I end up leaving all the accounts I had held online. I was very depressed for a while. When i decided to come back to my accounts, the obvious had happen. Everyone had forgotten about me. Anyone I used to talk to online simply wouldn’t reply, even she had left me. I E-mailed her a couple times she never responded. I now have to assume that she moved on to bigger better things than me. I have no one to blame but myself. I wish I could turn back time to the good old days where we could message each other all day. I failed her because I am the one who left.  Now I am all alone…I hope where is happy where ever she might be. 🙂 :/