Written by Jacob Ibrag We remained still, fingers intertwined within the midst of our manifested madness. Letting go meant the collapse of our young planet. And on the last leg of our last day, we let go and delivered the inevitable eventuality. Time is a faceless assassin and we were next on its list. Photography […]

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“The closest to my heart”

This actually what I used to call this girl I once knew. We had a very complex relationship…but I will try to simplify it the best I can. She was the most amazing girl ever, I loved her and she loved me. Things weren’t always great, we had our flaws. My problem was I wasn’t open enough. I help back on my feelings, I lied sometimes  because I was an idiot. I wasn’t always there when I should have been and I wasn’t as supportive as I should have been. I really loved this girl but she wasn’t perfect either. She was extremely insecure and basically was the cause of her problems. She would get jealous for the smallest things. She always was easily annoyed and triggered a lot of argument, (pointless) but very long arguments. It didn’t help that we were from two very different worlds. She had a rather conservative black and white world and  I lived in a very grey liberal world. We had almost the same core values. We both poetry and the arts. We loved learning and knowledge itself, despite our flaws and differences. We weren’t perfect individual but we were perfect for each other. we were perfect in our imperfections. Despite all of those problems, this wasn’t what separated us. About a month before we parted ways my life took an unexpected turn. I was facing massive financial troubles. I could no longer afford school, I didn’t even know how much longer my family was going to afford the very we were living. We made some very big budgets cuts. I became very busy at work and my physical health was failing. We could no longer afford to talk everyday. I end up leaving all the accounts I had held online. I was very depressed for a while. When i decided to come back to my accounts, the obvious had happen. Everyone had forgotten about me. Anyone I used to talk to online simply wouldn’t reply, even she had left me. I E-mailed her a couple times she never responded. I now have to assume that she moved on to bigger better things than me. I have no one to blame but myself. I wish I could turn back time to the good old days where we could message each other all day. I failed her because I am the one who left.  Now I am all alone…I hope where is happy where ever she might be. 🙂 :/

Faith in Love

I stood near the large oak tree, gazing at the ocean,
Listening to the crashing of the waves far below,
There on that cliff, I questioned so many things,
I wondered if those things would ever be answered,
Yet he came…he came to me in my deepest woe,
And he stood beside me near the large oak tree,
Watching and waiting for a sign of sorts,
How he knew may never be fully understood,

And I turned to him with tears in my eyes,
My eyes met with his, such blue eyes he had,
I wanted to speak but my throat was shut tight,
So I stood there and whimpered softly,
And he stepped forward, surely he understood,
He stood next to me, an arm draped across my shoulder,
The crashing of the waves seemed distant,
With nary a word, I threw myself into his embrace,

And he held me in his arms, he held me so tight,
I pressed my face into his neck and sobbed and cried,
Then he spoke, his voice a warm baritone,
Whispering words of solace and comfort,
The smell of his cologne wafted over me
Like a warm and soft blanket of fragrance,
I closed my eyes and clung to him,
Knowing that he had faith in me,

I knew that he would never doubt me,
nor lose patience with my emotions,
He believed in what I say and what I do,
And I vowed to strive to do the same,
As I stood there in the warmth of his arms,
The world seemed so far away and removed,
Trust, pure and with no words to get in the way,
Our hearts united by the threads of faith.

BY Hegemony


The ability to decide our own fates is a gift and a curse,
A double-edged sword quick to turn upon its own master,
It is easy for our minds to become polluted and perverse,
Resistance only seems to make the process go even faster,
We are human beings, yet we are so vulnerable to temptation,
Money really does make the world go round after all,
No one seems willing to use reason and contemplation,
Hasty judgment and pride are both apt to precede a fall,
It seems that God gave to all of us a very tricky sort of gift,
The kind of gift that often gives us pause for thought,
Many a person finds him or herself lost and adrift,
Wondering if their sacrifices have been for naught,

Perhaps we would be better off not being in control,
If each person knew their destiny from the start,
There would be neither conflict nor trouble nor toll,
There wouldn’t be anything to tell any of us apart,
But therein lies the problem, an unavoidable one,
That people seem prone to ignore and forget,
Our humanity depends on having the gumption
To create, to dream, and in our own likeness beget,
What is the point of living if the path is already there?
Without freewill, we are cheapened and disposable,
There would be no point to life and who would care?
We would be machines: dull, listless and baneful,

When God took up the clay of the ground,
He molded mankind to be in His own likeness,
Inside our hearts, He planted love abound,
And formed us with devotion and tenderness,
To love something, one must be willing to let it go,
And so, out of love, He gave to all of us freewill,
The bitter fruits we reap are the ones we ourselves sow,
But in spite of our mistakes, God loves us still,
And oftentimes we forget that we are in control,
And we curse the name of the one who made us,
We blame him for problems in which we have a role,
God does have a plan…we just choose not to listen!

BY Hegemony

Absolute Love

There is something about this thing called love,
That kindles within us the a soul-spark of passion,
Yet it seems like we are starting to forget,
The real joy of its tenderness and compassion,
“True love” is nothing but an empty oxymoron,
That tricks us into waiting for what likely won’t come,
The thought of it placates us with empty promises,
While time goes on with little sympathy,
And if, by happenstance, we actually find it,
It seems to be so deceptive and fleeting,
Each failure causes our hearts to grow cold,
And we give up on what could have been,
“True Love” is an empty and shallow lie,
That beguiles us into stale complacency,
We come to expect that things will just happen,
And when they don’t we simply give up,

But “Absolute Love” is nothing of the sort,
It must be planted as a small seed,
It is the sort of thing that one must create,
And once sown it must be tended to,
Absolute Love is like a cherished garden,
The endeavor must be made to get it started,
And then it must be weeded and pruned,
Lest it wither, die, and fall victim to decay,
Absolute Love is an endless yet satisfying task,
One must work to sustain it each and every day,
But the end reward is well worth the effort:
A garden that will always yield good fruits,
“Absolute Love” calls for absolute devotion,
Compassion and empathy and trust,
Loving one’s partner as one loves them-self,
And nothing less will ever do.

By Hegemony

Midnight’s Child

The hour comes yet at last for the soft and fading light,
Of a sun that sets beyond the sky to make way for the night,
Yet just when all of the shadowed world is truly at its best,
Everyone locks themselves away to catch up on their rest,
Except for one, a sweet young girl, who eagerly waits to see,
The rising full moon in all of its pale and silver beauty,
For this child is different, a fact she has come to know,
She sees herself as unworthy to walk in the sun’s warm glow,
She gave up on the thralls of normality long ago,
And accepted her fate, to walk within the dark’s ethereal throes,
And so she watches from her window to take in the moon’s light,
For she is Midnight’s Child, keeper of the black veiled night.

BY Hegemony