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EOW Chapter 4

I can’t stop him


He lifted both of then off the ground and made then both hover a bit lower than him. He gave a quick glance at the gem and it broke. They all got through the portal before it quickly closed down. As they go through the portal a cold wind blew past them, everything looks grey until everything fades to black. Renztnah tries to close his eyes but notice he couldn’t. His entire body felt like they were locked in place by an external force locking Everything in a certain place like glue, even his eyelid. Once they went through the portal 025 flew really high in the sky. Renztnah flying face down saw what looked like a medieval town right of the 1300’s. “Things are just as you left them, Deb,” 025 said as he gave her a quick glance. Deborah tries to respond angrily at his but since she couldn’t move her jaw and tongue only sounded like angry gibberish. Renztnah then saw what looked like a man with a rocket launcher mounted on his shoulder pointed at them. “Aghhh.ahhh.aa” was all the words he could get out before he saw a rocket being launch at them. “Oh save the screaming for later when you’ll be thrown in a dungeon,” 025 said while not noticing the rocket getting closer to them. *BOOM*  the explosion went off and both Deborah and Renztnah started falling from the sky. “Oh my gosh, we’re about to die” Renztnah yeah swinging his arms around. “Oh my gosh! I can move and talk again!” He said again with tears of joy and fear coming from his brown eyes. “Shut up and hang on!” Deborah said as the swing he hand in the humid air to form an ice slide. Both she and Renztnah get on it slide for 10 seconds before the ice break and they fall on the straw roof of a house. They fall through the roof and end up on a bed. Renztnah dust some of the straw off him and look at Deborah in a soft worrying voice “is he dead?”. Deborah angrily gets up and said “of course not! You think scumbag could be taken out so easily?! Get up, we have to run before he finds us.” She then gets off the bed and starts running. Renztnah running after her leaving the house and running through the dirty streets. “What the heck is his ability? Why couldn’t you stop him?!” He said looking up and seeing the smoke from the explosion clearing up only to see 025 come out uncarved. “His ability is to control gravity. He can make forced fields, makes things lighter or heavier. I can’t stop him because unlike me, who needs to touch something before controlling its state, all he has to do is look at something and it can control its gravity!” Deborah explains as she runs to hide in a tavern. “I think we lost him,” Renztnah said out of breath half bend over behind Deborah. Suddenly the ground starts shaving and the entire tavern like a toy house was being lifted off the ground. They both ran out of the front door only to see him there. Arms still cross behind him. They quickly close the door and try to run back and they hear another explosion outside. Suddenly the house fell back down. Renztnah and Deborah fell on the floor. They quickly got up and ran to the back. There were more gunshots. As a group of armed men was shotting at 025. “Come here,” a calm voice said in a corridor. They both ran toward the voice and they see this large vinyl threaded basket. It had two worn-out handles.  “Get in!” The voice was coming from a man wearing a medieval monk outfit. and they looked at each other and got in the basket. The man then covers the top of the basket and put it on his back. And walks away from the scene. 025 after neutralizing the people shooting at him lost their tracks. He angrily left as the villagers looked in terror his reflection in a pool of blood running down streets. 


To be continued…tomorrow.

Part 3- Sealed Fate

Part 2-A Painful Reunion

Part 4-The End

Mary yelled at the wolves to go away, to leave her alone, but they did not. They were wild animals. They did not understand her desperate cries. It had been hopeless.
Then Adan was there; scared, yet determined and confident to save her from such a horrible fate. And his horse, oh that beautiful and powerful gelding he rode so proudly…
The accident fills her mind as the girl tenderly pulls him to her, carefully making sure not to make him move too much. “Adan,” she half sobs to the young man in shock laying in the snow when she sees the blood seeping through the leg of his pants. “Oh Adan, wake up!”
When the snarl sounds, she is frozen in terror. Was this their fate? To die in the snow, brutally destroyed by wolves? Mary weeps at the thought, trying to break through the darkness that has taken over the boy.
As the snarling slowly grows, Mary risks a glance behind her to the monster at her back. The coal-black wolf glares right back from a few yards away, his golden eyes flashing with the excitement and hunger for his captured prey.
“Shhh…” Whispers a voice. “Move slowly, or we shall both be dead.”
Mary recognizes Adan’s weak, pain ridden voice and slowly reaches for his other hand, clasping both in hers, holding them to her chest. She obeys.
Slowly, she moves her gaze from the great, black creature to Adan. His chocolate-brown eyes open for a brief moment, then slam shut again. He is shaking, now. Holding in the screaming, gut-wrenching agony he feels is taxing, and his already worn energy is quickly wearing thin.
“Here,” he whispers as he pulls one hand free, reaching inside his jacket. Uneasily, Mary watches as he tries to pull a rather large, antler handled knife from his coat. “Defend, love.”
Fresh tears streak her face as  Adan tries to sit up, and fails. Carefully, she removes the knife slowly from her lover’s jacket, meeting those mesmerizing, dark, and tired eyes she knows so well one last time. Mary lays his hand down gently, clutching his knife. She knew in that moment what she would do.
The young woman stands and turns away from her beloved, facing the snarling black wolf, one shaking hand on her large belly. She advances one step, and that is all it takes. The hungry predator lunges.
Mary stabs the air with the knife blindly, cursing herself under her breath for letting them get into this situation.
Again, the vile creature lunges directly at her, hitting her at full force. Mary falls back as the force of the wolf’s jump knocks her over, crying out. Adan is calling for her. The desperation in his voice is as plain as day.
Focusing back on the wolf she lashes out in vain. The powerful animal sinks his teeth deep into her shoulder, and Mary screams. Her shoulder burns and is turning the pure white snow red with her blood.
She desperately clings to the knife, stabbing upwards. The wolf howls in rage as the blade slices through his thick, midnight coat, and jumps off the girl.
Seizing the moment, Mary gets up and stumbles away from the creature. “Adan,” she cries out, sobbing his name as she sees him passed out again. To her horror, she realizes he had tried to pull up the leg of his pants to see the damage. The bone was protruding from the skin, and his blood pooled in the snow around it.
That is all the distraction the wolf needs. The woman’s concentration has slipped. He attacks.
Hearing the beast running towards her, Mary whips around, holding the blade out, terrified. The wolf lunges, jumping up and sinking his teeth into the throat of his prey. There is a terrible sound as Mary’s knife sinks deep into the wolf’s chest as it lunges at the girl.
The great black creature releases his hold on Mary’s throat, and falls dead on top of her.

                                                                                                                                                     By: TheCountryGirrl

People that need a raise…

I think that there is a lot of people I think needs a raise. My ESL teachers for example those people help me kind of know how to write that think they call English. I would pay those people about 100K per month if I could because they are bawling awesome! But do you know really needs a raise? That one bus driver who doesn’t yell at you when you a quarter short the bus fare. They act if you gave the right amount and they sometimes waits for you if they seen you coming like a mile away. I would pay those guys about 100K…per week! I would give them a bonus 10K when they drives crazy fast so you are not late to class or where ever you are going. Who would you give a raise If you could?