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Patches of Sanity

Brain nourished with canards

of the world a smudged enigma!



Theories of change being fed

“Man evolved from apes

only to nurture clots of serenity”



Eyeing the humans through

tinted glass

minds robbed of prudence

only souls stinking of covetous tar



Refined vision gestures at

the distorted crumbs of intellect

braided together with doubt

and yes! patches of sanity!


By:Irene Clasper – See more at: http://allpoetry.com/poem/11911680-Patches-of-Sanity–by-Irene-Clasper#sthash.A9mGdWoC.dpuf


“My doctor asked if any of my family member suffered from insanity. I told him “no, we all enjoy it.””
-Aunty Acid