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Testimony Time.

Someone message me last Thursday, and told me that their friend was about to be taken from life support. Life support is what they give to people in comas that are brain dead and probably won’t come back to life. The life support helps them to breath. If they don’t have it the will die. The guy’s family was going to take him off of it because they didn’t have enough money to keep him in it. So when my friend told me that I told her that God was going to save him, but she didn’t believe me. My two sister and I got together right after I heard the news and pray from 11:50AM to 12:10PM. we worship and we all knew he was going to life. I told my friend once again his friend was going to life, but she didn’t believe me. After about 3 hours, she tells me that he is still alive the doctors who took off the life support were all crying because they have no idea how he is still alive. he is breath even tho he has not awake. me and my 3 sisters were probably the only ones in the world the believe he would be fine when not even his own mother did. I am just so happy that he is alive now. I told my friend to tell him to testify, but she said he probably won’t because no one is his family is Christian apparently. I am just so happy that God used my to save this guy I don’t even know!!!