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The Creepiest Story Ever


When I was still a child, I always use to feel that someone is always watching me out in the corner of my eyes. There were nights when I’m alone and mom and dad were not around, I was sleeping in my bed but I feel like someone was watching over my shoulders. When I turn around, no one was really there. I just shrug off the feeling of uneasiness that I always felt inside me. Until one day, when mom and dad went out to visit a ‘judge’, I was all alone in the house and I heard footsteps. Mom said that if I feel something was not right, I should go outside the house but at that time, I wasn’t afraid. I turn around to see a woman, a short-haired woman. She has the pale skin I’ve ever seen. Her eyes were jet black and I can see her veins were also completely black and scattered around her body evenly. She smiled at me. She has no tooth and all I could see was a dark mouth. A woman nearly as tall as my mom. I was looking at her and astonishingly wondering where she came from but what came inside my six-year-old brain was, “Why you have a hat?”

She didn’t speak but she slowly turned around and I followed her. She climbed the staircase gracefully like a true woman did. We went to a room I’ve never seen before. It was empty, dark, cold and with spider’s web all around. I can see them because it was still a broad daylight. She spoke, a soft childlike whisper, and she started to sing a lullaby, reaching from the lowest “do” then went to “la” and “re” then went back to “do” and “la” but instead of “re”, it landed to “so”. It repeated the first melody and just a pause before it added “mi” and “re” respectively. The melody continues for a minute before she stops. I know how the sound likes because I played piano many times. She then laughed in a very creepy voice. She turned around before I collapsed and a dark cloud embracing me then I heard her say her name.

The next thing I know was that I’m in the hospital and never had an idea why. My parents were all outside, talking to a doctor. He seems pretty calm while my mom was crying aloud. I don’t have any idea of what’s happening to me but I can’t move my body. Before I could utter a single word, I see her once again. The hat lady but it wasn’t her. The face was extremely disturbed. Big black hole in the eye, different from what I saw earlier. Her face elongated and I close my eyes as I heard her footsteps coming after me while singing the same melody over and over again. Then the door open. I know it was the end of my life but then I heard my mom’s voice.

“My baby? Are you okay? Please don’t die.”

My dad rushed near me and looked extremely wary. I know that I’m slowly losing all my vital energy.

“We saw you in the room Mrs. Gardner told us not to enter.” My dad said.

I pour out the only energy I left and said,

“Who’s Mrs. Gardner, papa?”

“The Old lady next to Mr. Pinter’s House? You forget about her? She’s the tenant of the house before we moved in? What are you doing there?”

“I saw a lady in hat”

My mom started crying, my dad never said anything. Then before I could say something, Mrs. Gardner come.

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” she then looked at me in horror.

“John, did you see her? Did you see Lolita?”


Mrs. Gardner looked into my mom and dad’s face.

“Bring him to the exorcist. He doesn’t belong here.”

“Why would we? He was so weak? He needs to be here! And what are these stupid things you’re talking!”

Mrs. Gardner look into my father’s eyes and said,

“If you don’t bring him to the priest, she’ll bring him to the other world. He’ll die for no reasons! The same thing as my daughter! We thought that we already kick out the entity when we blessed the house before. Now it wants your son, Kevin. If you don’t act today, you might as well regret it as we did.”

My father shouted back as he didn’t understand whats going on.

Mrs. Gardner told him in an angry voice,”Your son open the portal to the other world when he went to that door. That place was used to summon devil by an occult back in early 1800’s to the late 1900’s. We bought that house from a private landowner who’s uncle killed his family when they were living there…Now..”

I didn’t hear what she said next as all I could hear was footsteps and lullabies.  All of these accounts was what my parents told me. They needed to ride at least three taxies as Mrs. Gardner explained so Lolita will get confused. The exorcism did well but I always lived in fear for almost a decade, I promised myself to never ever come back from that house again. Now, twenty years later, people whom I met and told about this story never believed me but I swear to God if Mrs. Gardner never came, I might be with Lolita as well, dead, hollow and be singing the creepy lullaby and possessing children around.

Until now I still have a question in my mind. How and why Lolita became like this? who is she? Why she always wear a hat? and what is the lullaby that she always makes?

Mrs. Gardner passed away for fifteen years so I never know why and what’s the story behind that house. I am hoping that the next people who will move out won’t experience the same as me as well as their family.

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67 True Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark


Who am I?

My head was pounding and I could slowly ear noise coming closer and closer to me. That noise was slowly getting louder. I began to open my eyes slowly but all I could see was a white thick fog. My whole body was numb but I still tried to move my finger. Light twinkle around me as I tried to see better in the fog. I struggled to turn my head and saw a funny black rock of some sort next to me. I slowly began to gain feeling around various part of my body when I felt something wet on me. Suddenly I felt like the world stopped. It all felt comfortable to me until I realized that I was laying on a pile of rubble. The noise was all becoming clearer to me. As my body became less numb I began to feel atrocious pain all over my body like I have been ran over by a train. It got so bad that I had to scream. I slowly got up only to realize that I was in hell. That funny looking back rock was actually a headless man. The wet thing I was feeling under me was blood. I was not sure if it was mine but it was all over me. My head was getting worse be the second. I looked around and all I saw was rubble everywhere and dead bodies lying. My right leg looked broken and was hurting the most. I was stumbling but I began to walk trying to get out of this nightmare. The fog of stand was only getting stronger. There was screaming everywhere and people crying for help. I didn’t know where I was or where I was going. I looked to my left as saw what looked like a man standing. I tried to walking up to him but when I got closer it looked like he was leaving for a second. It took me a while to realize that there was actually a rod that help him up from the ground. The rod had pierce his back and when thought his mouth. I was so shocked that I puke for a good 5 second. I was confused and tried to limp away. Only to fall on top of pile of rubble. I quickly got up and took a wrong step. I had step on something rather mushy.  I looked down to see what I stepped on and saw something that it was the leg of a decapitated baby. The body was only a few step ahead. Tear was running down my eyes as I tried to get it off my feet! I looked to the right I saw a girl in a uniform screaming as she help another student in her arm. I looked to the right and saw a child that didn’t look no older than 10 years old crying. She was crying in front of a wall that had felt. A little desperately reaching under the wall. I could hear voice under the rubbles everywhere. So many question was rushing to my head like where am I? What exactly is going? Is this a dream? The one question that seemed to baffle me the most was the one I really felt like knowing despite everything else going around my mind. Who am I?