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Listen to your surroundings,
to their pain and struggling pleads.

Listen to the mislead and judge,
those whom society won’t let budge.

Listen to those unfortunate souls,
lend a hand to them and help them crool.

Listen to that helpless friend,
reach out and give him a hand.

Listen to you struggling parents,
all they want is your success, not your rants.

Listen To the truth and reasons,
they will get you through the seasons.

Listen up well to the good!
Pay no attention to the fools.


Spring’s Green Glow


When my frozen cheek can’t feel the sun’s light,
I now fear that spring is nowhere in sight.

I now begin to dream of spring’s pleasure.
Dreams fill with the sun’s ray and all of its grandeur.

I find myself longing for a warmer weather.
The kind of warmth that decorates trees with flowers.

No more storms or any of winter’s frozen shows.
I can hear the cheers of a birds’ choir up close.

The time have come for the winter to go,
Because now I want to feel spring green glow.

By: HBO read more @ http://allpoetry.com/H.B.O.

And for some H.B.O. news

Well for you guys who don’t know HBO has been one of the greatest supporters of this page. He does whatever it take to post, share but his biggest contribution to us has always been his killer poems and short stories. He has plans to retire from the poetry scene (even though he really hasn’t been in it for that long and hasn’t written much). We got no clue why but in our never ending spirit of support for (poetry) writers we want to give you guys the chance to view a few of his work. To save you guy the pain of scrolling down the page you can go on this link and can read all of his public poems right here http://allpoetry.com/H.B.O. I say public because theye are only a few of them since he didn’t like posting his stuff online. He would appreciate it I would appreciate it and we would all be happy! If you guys like his stuff as much as I do come right back to this post and tell and let us know which one of his poem did you like better and tell us why he shouldn’t quit writing!!!