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Happiness is everything!

Yeah that’s all I am going to be telling you people to do today. I am walking in the street and there is nothing but messed up faces (by messed up I mean faces with no smiles). People are just grouchy and mean these days mostly because they think life sucks. I personally think that life sucks Well I get that they are a lots of stuff in that sucks monkey balls and there is no question about that. But I also think that is why the world is messed up…people just are not happy. Think about it, do you think there would be wars if everyone was happy? I doubt it. Do you think that people would be selfish greedy if they were happy with what they had? Nope. Most crime would not even exit if the world was not so grouchy. I am telling you if we could find away to keep people happy this world would be a better place. So think of something good that made you happy and share that happiness to someone else you know. If we all do that I think we can make the world a better place 🙂