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The ability to decide our own fates is a gift and a curse,
A double-edged sword quick to turn upon its own master,
It is easy for our minds to become polluted and perverse,
Resistance only seems to make the process go even faster,
We are human beings, yet we are so vulnerable to temptation,
Money really does make the world go round after all,
No one seems willing to use reason and contemplation,
Hasty judgment and pride are both apt to precede a fall,
It seems that God gave to all of us a very tricky sort of gift,
The kind of gift that often gives us pause for thought,
Many a person finds him or herself lost and adrift,
Wondering if their sacrifices have been for naught,

Perhaps we would be better off not being in control,
If each person knew their destiny from the start,
There would be neither conflict nor trouble nor toll,
There wouldn’t be anything to tell any of us apart,
But therein lies the problem, an unavoidable one,
That people seem prone to ignore and forget,
Our humanity depends on having the gumption
To create, to dream, and in our own likeness beget,
What is the point of living if the path is already there?
Without freewill, we are cheapened and disposable,
There would be no point to life and who would care?
We would be machines: dull, listless and baneful,

When God took up the clay of the ground,
He molded mankind to be in His own likeness,
Inside our hearts, He planted love abound,
And formed us with devotion and tenderness,
To love something, one must be willing to let it go,
And so, out of love, He gave to all of us freewill,
The bitter fruits we reap are the ones we ourselves sow,
But in spite of our mistakes, God loves us still,
And oftentimes we forget that we are in control,
And we curse the name of the one who made us,
We blame him for problems in which we have a role,
God does have a plan…we just choose not to listen!

BY Hegemony