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To all my fellow haters!

I know there is a lot of people out there who are angry at Brazil’s win today. I get your pain bro but that doesn’t mean you should makeup lies! I am not going to make excuses Brazil wasn’t playing as good as they should have. And some may argue that the referee was awful but Brazil would have won anyways. The first goal was scored by Brazil against Brazil to prove just how sloppy they were playing! The second goal was arguably unfair due to bad referring but what about the other two goals? Can you honestly say it was pure luck? Angry fans seem to call “luck” whatever score the opposite team gives because it’s the cliché excuse. Croatia’s goal was actual luck it we are being honest here. Oscar’s goal was the best score of the games in my opinion. So let’s put it this way if the reef had not give the penalty Brazil would have won 2-1 anyways! And if we are applying luck not as mistakes in this Brazil technically won the game with a 2-0! Game. So let me ask you whatever scenario and argument you may have Brazil would have won anyways!!! Whether you say they got lucky, paid reefs, or played sloppy which arguably might have happen you can’t argue that a win is a win and at the end of the game that is all that matters! Stop crying or being mad and start acepting fatcs! Now I am just waiting for those people that said Brazil sucks when their teams lose so I can trash talk about them 😀