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“It won’t start. I don’t know what’s wrong with it.” Katey said as she got out of her 1970 Buick. She stomped her feet in frustration.

“I am honestly surprised this old thing even drove you here. Get inside before you catch something.” I said as I took off my coat and put it over her purple sweater. We both quickly ran to the house as the winter wind blew pass us.

Once we got inside, I quickly turned on the thermostat full blast.

“It’s going to be fine. The roads close in 5 minutes anyways I don’t think even You could have made it out” I said to her as I put her sweater and my coat in the hangers.

“Joe, you know me.  Not even this old car could stop me from speeding”. She joked as she went to take a sit in the kitchen.

She was playing with her curly hair and she looked at her phone. So much had happened between us. So many things to say but my words wouldn’t be enough. She came by my place to let me know she was getting married. Not sure why she risked everything to come and see me when my town is going on lockdown because of the deadly virus. The army will be on the streets soon so we can’t even call a mechanic.

“Why did you quit Joe? I know what my dad said but I don’t believe him. I want to hear it from you.” She said as she got up from her sit to stand in front of me sitting by the table.

“I uh well, my services was no longer required. Your grades were good enough for me to…” before I could finish, she cut me off.

“Just stop. If you not going, to be honest with me just forget I said anything”. She then angrily walked away from me and went to the living room.

I don’t know how but she can always tell when I am lying. The truth is her father forced me to quit when he found out I had feelings for her. Don’t let the old car fool you. Katey is the daughter of the richest man in this City. Unlike me, everything in her life was planned before birth. Me falling for her wasn’t part of the plan.

“You’re right, I am not being hnest.” I said leaving the kitchen to join her in the living room and sitting across her, I continued. “I can’t bring myself to tell you the truth because some people in your life didn’t think that-“. She once again cut me off and said

“It’s my father isn’t it? What did he tell you?! Tell me!”

 I took a deep breath.

“Someday I’ll tell you…just not right now”. I can never tell her the truth because I don’t want to be the guy who takes her away from marrying someone who actually can offer her a future.

She turns her head away from me and crosses her arm.

“I get it, you hate me. I am not even worthy of a response. To you, I am just another idiot rich spoil girl who couldn’t even begin to understand.” She said as she got up and walked toward the window.

How can she say that?! She gave her car and ninety percent of her income to help homeless people. She is one of the smartest and caring people I have ever met! I wish I could tell her everything because my heart is bleeding knowing I wasn’t enough. Knowing she can never be mine.

 “Oh, it’s snowing,” she said expressionlessly.

I got up and stood next to her. The glittering snow gently falling on the frozen ground. as always when I am this close to her I feel like time goes slower. I don’t know what took over me, but I put her hands in mine and I look deep into her hazel eyes. Even a blind person could see how happy she makes me. It felt like our souls, very essence touched. This won’t last forever but at least I didn’t care. She looked at me and smiled. I was the happiest man in quarantine because I am in quarantine with you.

EOW Chapter 5



Darkness befell the land as the monk brought Renztnah and Deborah back to a monastery. It was a mix of modern technology and medieval building. He opens the basket and Deborah got out first. ” Thank you so much for this…monk person Where are were?”. The monk smiled and said “I am summy. You guys should be safe. This is a monetary and guards Usually leave this place alone.” Renztnah was really tired when he got out of the basket. ” Thank you so much!!! I got by Renztnah these days. I can’t do this anymore 😥 the past 48 hours have just been non-stop near-death experiences. I just want to go home!” He complained. Deborah rolled her eyes at him and said to summy and said: “I am going to need a hot shower and new clothes”. summy looked at them and said “of course, we have some donates clothes. We also have a lot of spare rooms since all of the monks are out on call by the king. I am the only one taking care of the place. If you can please follow me.” He then leads them where their rooms are and showed them where the shower was. He then went to get them a pair of clothes. While he was gone Deborah whispered to Renztnah “Hey, do you think we can trust this guy? He looks very fishy. I mean he seems nice but a little too nice 😑”. Renztnah jabs her with his right elbow whispering back “shhh he could hear us. Or maybe He’s just a nice guy who saved our buts when your psycho friend was about to murder us like he did to those random guys shooting at him.” Deborah looked back at him and said: “that freak isn’t my friend!” Before Renztnah could answer back her back summy was back with the clothes in his hand and said ” Here’s for you and for you” as he handed them their new clothes and shoes. They smiled in unison and Renztnah said in a nervous voice “thank you again for all of this. We are very grateful for everything”. “No problem, you can use the shower to the right and you to the left. I am going to make dinner while you two get yourself fixed up. The dining room is 3 rooms away to the right when you guys are done ok?” He replied before leaving. Deborah and Renztnah took their clothes and each when to shower on their separate corners. The shower system somehow looks like one from the 21st century. After they finished, they joined summy for dinner. “We’re having what my ancestors called pepperoni pizza tonight!” Summy exclaimed. They each took their seats. Summy made then bow their heads to pray. As they begin to eat no words were being said. Renztnah awkwardly tries to break the ice “so, how long Have you live here?” Summy pauses for a second and said “I have been here my whole life. I have never even left this village before.” “Oh, that’s nice. If you don’t mind me asking, are your parents religious and devoted you to religious service?” Renztnah asked curiously. “Well, they didn’t really have a choice. The current lord of this manor took their land and they couldn’t afford to raise me. So they gave me up as a baby to the monetary.” Summy explained is a low voice tone. Deborah angrily got up took a slice of pizza and left the room stomping her feet. “Deb, what’s wrong? I am sorry if she’s acting so rude.” Renztnah said in a nervous voice. “No, it’s okay. I understand how she must feel. This is why she left this place” summy said continuing eating his food. Renztnah paused for a second and shocked in realization asked: “wait, you know her?!” Summy quickly swallowed his food and nervously explained “not personally but due to her status I am pretty sure everyone in this manor knows of her”. Renztnah looked at his food in confusion and looked back at summy asking “status?!” Summy then smiled when he realized how little Renztnah knew of her. ” I guess she hasn’t told you huh? Deborah Okela Elizabeth the third of Reye is her full title. She’s the daughter of the lord of this manor. She and her parents had a falling out a few years ago and she left this manor because she didn’t like the way her family ran the place. So I am sure her learning my situation probably brought back a lot of unhappy memory for her.” Summy explained as he poor some grape juice for himself and Renztnah. “I don’t get how any of this works. Look, I am not really from here I don’t think. I don’t even know my own name. The name I told you about earlier is from a t-shirt. All I have are just vague memory in my head of a woman with kids. Deb did give me a brief summary of this whole spark thing but that’s about it. can you please give me a quick history of everything?” Renztnah asked as he took a sip of his drink. Summy took a deep breath and pause “let me start it this way. This planet is a world of war and hardship. A few million years ago the human race became the dominant race. Most of these humans were for the most part non spark sensitive. But in the earlier years of what they called 21st century, 2020’s the exact year isn’t known. But due to an arms race, humans unleash a virus the world had never seen before and that changed everything. The bioweapon was initially supposed to wipe out another country’s population but it got out of control and end up killing about 1/4 of the world’s population. Anyone who was elderly and with weak immune systems died. But that was only the beginning. After that, a massive volcano erupted in what was called North America and wiped out half of that continent’s population. Then after then due to human greed they ended up getting an asteroid they tried to mine for resources sent to earth and falling on the landmass called Europe. After that, nothing was the same. Some debate to this day if those events are what caused spark users to come to the existence or if they have always existed but was just kept as a secret to the public. Either way, they became the main force for the new arm’s race for the remaining nations of this planet to fight for control. Wars waged on for a century after those events. Humans are no longer the dominant species on this planet. They still make up half of the population but the other half is made up of species from other planets, spark users, and mutated being that was casualties of war. Now, this planet is divided amongst 3 factions. There are other sub-factions but I am just condensing millions of years worth of history here so you can understand. The area we currently live in is ruled by a human king. He has tried The past few decades to create a world government with no avail. The current manor we are in right now is under his domain. It is one of the largest if the kingdom. The gentleman that was shooting at 025 earlier today is part of a rebellion to overthrow the current lord and free the serf of this place. Things might be bad but at least Visitors don’t get turned into serfs so you have nothing to worry about…unless 025 captures you. This place is also heavy on spark so if you are a spark user, you can feel free to use your abilities. I personally am a-” before summy could finish Renztnah shouted “stop! That is way too much info to throw at me all at once!!! Longest short history ever! I just…thank you for telling me. I know you are just trying to help me.” Renztnah finished his dinner when a loud knocking on the door startled them. “Open up! This is the guards for our Lord Zhang! We need to ask you some questions about the Lord’s daughter and the refugee she had with him!”


Be here later!

EOW Chapter 4

I can’t stop him


He lifted both of then off the ground and made then both hover a bit lower than him. He gave a quick glance at the gem and it broke. They all got through the portal before it quickly closed down. As they go through the portal a cold wind blew past them, everything looks grey until everything fades to black. Renztnah tries to close his eyes but notice he couldn’t. His entire body felt like they were locked in place by an external force locking Everything in a certain place like glue, even his eyelid. Once they went through the portal 025 flew really high in the sky. Renztnah flying face down saw what looked like a medieval town right of the 1300’s. “Things are just as you left them, Deb,” 025 said as he gave her a quick glance. Deborah tries to respond angrily at his but since she couldn’t move her jaw and tongue only sounded like angry gibberish. Renztnah then saw what looked like a man with a rocket launcher mounted on his shoulder pointed at them. “Aghhh.ahhh.aa” was all the words he could get out before he saw a rocket being launch at them. “Oh save the screaming for later when you’ll be thrown in a dungeon,” 025 said while not noticing the rocket getting closer to them. *BOOM*  the explosion went off and both Deborah and Renztnah started falling from the sky. “Oh my gosh, we’re about to die” Renztnah yeah swinging his arms around. “Oh my gosh! I can move and talk again!” He said again with tears of joy and fear coming from his brown eyes. “Shut up and hang on!” Deborah said as the swing he hand in the humid air to form an ice slide. Both she and Renztnah get on it slide for 10 seconds before the ice break and they fall on the straw roof of a house. They fall through the roof and end up on a bed. Renztnah dust some of the straw off him and look at Deborah in a soft worrying voice “is he dead?”. Deborah angrily gets up and said “of course not! You think scumbag could be taken out so easily?! Get up, we have to run before he finds us.” She then gets off the bed and starts running. Renztnah running after her leaving the house and running through the dirty streets. “What the heck is his ability? Why couldn’t you stop him?!” He said looking up and seeing the smoke from the explosion clearing up only to see 025 come out uncarved. “His ability is to control gravity. He can make forced fields, makes things lighter or heavier. I can’t stop him because unlike me, who needs to touch something before controlling its state, all he has to do is look at something and it can control its gravity!” Deborah explains as she runs to hide in a tavern. “I think we lost him,” Renztnah said out of breath half bend over behind Deborah. Suddenly the ground starts shaving and the entire tavern like a toy house was being lifted off the ground. They both ran out of the front door only to see him there. Arms still cross behind him. They quickly close the door and try to run back and they hear another explosion outside. Suddenly the house fell back down. Renztnah and Deborah fell on the floor. They quickly got up and ran to the back. There were more gunshots. As a group of armed men was shotting at 025. “Come here,” a calm voice said in a corridor. They both ran toward the voice and they see this large vinyl threaded basket. It had two worn-out handles.  “Get in!” The voice was coming from a man wearing a medieval monk outfit. and they looked at each other and got in the basket. The man then covers the top of the basket and put it on his back. And walks away from the scene. 025 after neutralizing the people shooting at him lost their tracks. He angrily left as the villagers looked in terror his reflection in a pool of blood running down streets. 


To be continued…tomorrow.

EOW Chapter 3

You’re mine now!


The now decomposed body was being feasted on by gigantic mutated crows on the side of the road. The landscape was disfigured and things are closer then they used to be in the old world. The group was walking on the empty deserted highway heading toward the empty city of LA “So why exactly are you guys still following us? I agreed to get you guys out of that cave, that was it. Go away now!” Deborah shouted as she flares her hands in the air. The group of prisoners stopped as she turns back to look at them. Once she turns her head back they start following her again. “Renz! Please tell these people to go away! This wasn’t part of the deal.” She said as she angrily looked at Renztnah. “I mean they’re scared, like you said, if we just leave them out there, they could just get captured again. Is there anywhere they can go?” As he takes off his shirt because the beaming sun has him sweating. She skulls a bit and pulls down her brown skirt a bit and stumps her feet” but I don’t want to! Nobody likes spark people. There’s Reye but that’s in the middle of nowhere. We would need a portal for that.” Deborah grunts some more and Renztnah looked at her and said, “so this whole spark user thing means having powers right? Why can’t these people just use their powers and fight for themselves? What are these portals you mention?” Deborah looked at him and shook her head. “Look here’s how this works. Spark is a thing that’s in the air that only certain people can use to activate their ability. It’s invisible to everyone but certain strong spark users. Spark can be store in Your body but most spark users can’t and can only use their abilities when there is a strong concentration of it in the air. This area that we’re in is very low on spark and these people probably can’t use their abilities. I can use mine because I can store spark in my body for a long time. My ability is to change the state of matter. It can turn water to ice to ice water vapor, you get the idea. There is a caveat but I am not about to tell you about my weakness. These portals were created when the current king took over so he could move his troops faster around the planet. Does that answer your questions?”. Renztnah was was amazed “interesting, so where is the closest portal? Who the hell is this king you mentioned?”. Deborah wiped her hand on her yellow blouses and said “blah, too many questions, the stupid portal in at the next exit. Just be lucky I am talking these people there”. They walked for about another 30 minutes. As they saw the worn-down sign mentioning that they are now in LA there in this giant round stone portal. Deborah says “here we are people. Everybody line up. You guys are going to spark heaven” she then pulls out a gem on from her pocket and inserts it on the right side of the portal then it get activated. “Thank you so much for everything,” an elderly man from the group says and enters the portal. “Sure, whatever. Just try not getting captured again” Deborah said as she turns away. Everyone from the group gets into the portal. “Thank you for helping these people, guess you not so selfish after all”. Renztnah says as he smiles. “Hey, this wasn’t charity! I hope you really do know where that hooded person is because you in trouble if you lied to me” Deborah says as she walks over the portal to get her gem back. Before she could reach for it a man quickly comes out the portal floating mid-air. Hovering over the ground he slowly approaches Deborah. “Hello Deb,” he says in a very deep voice with hands behind his back. “What do you want 025?” Deborah asks angrily. “Right to business as always. I am here to take you back to the castle. Your parents’ orders. Now we can do this the easy wa-“. Before he could finish his sentence Deborah quickly ran toward Renztnah and melted the sign, turned it into spikes and started throwing it at him. 025 just stared at the spikes and the stoped mid-trajectory and they fell on the ground. “I guess we’re doing this the hard way. You can’t beat me, Deborah”. Before Renztnah could ask who that was Deborah grab his arms and tries to make a run for it back on the highway. Before they could 025 extended his left hand toward them and they both froze. “You’re mine now” 025 calmly said…


Be here tomorrow!


EOW Chapter 2

Where is this punk hiding?!


“So, who’s getting sold. Who’s going to be food”. Renztnah slowly wakes up, opens his eyes while hearing those words fading from a distance. He quickly notices that he was chained up from torso to feet. It was a dark cave with only a few torches to light up his blurred vision. “Hey, look who’s waking up. How ya feeling big guy?” This voice was coming across from him. “Where are my manners, the name’s Deborah, welcome to hell’s armpit. I would shake your hands but as you can see, they’re a little busy right now.” With his eyes fully open then sees this bright eyes, curly hair ponytail lady smiling across from him. “So, what’s your name?” She said to him with a smile. He then said “I don’t know” he then try to glance at his shirt only to notice that it was gone along with his black pants and black sneakers. “What the? What’s going on?” She then chuckled as he began to blush “you must be new, those guys that captured you here are cannibals, they eat what they can, and sell spark folks. I am guessing you get eaten. They’re probably going to sell me since I am ‘spark sensitive’.” Renztnah starts to wiggle his body freaking out. “Isn’t there something we can do? What about these people over there in cages?” Renztnah said while pointing at the group of cages with 20 people of all ages in them. “If they are in cages they’ll probably be sold. They look like spark users.” Deborah answered carelessly while looking at the entrance. “How can you be so calm about this?! And what the heck is a spark stuff you keep talking about?”. He said in frustration. “You really not from here are you big guy? There’s nothing I can do for these people even if I wanted to. Even if I was to say ‘free’ them they’ll just end up back here in no time. If not those guys, someone else will catch them. Besides I am not here for all that. I am here because of today’s buyer. I been looking for him and I know he was going here today.” She says leaning her head back and smiling. Renztnah furious and said “so it’s all about you huh? You just like the rest of them”. “Maybe I am, not everyone can be heroic as you captain tidy whity,” she said smirking while glancing at his white underwear. Renztnah then watches one of the goons approach him and grab him by the chain and hang him over a giant boiling pot. He then began to stir the pot with a giant black spoon. “Please don’t do this!” He said while sweating. “Bad news and good news guys. The bad news is apparently the buyer canceled on us. He was attack on his way here by some masked hooded figure. The good news? All of our guest is now dinner” the leader said with his arm crossed as he looked at his men. ” Sounds like all good news to me. We already had enough money for weapons. This guy wasn’t going to fill us up anyways.” Said the man string the boiling pot under Renztnah. The other men started laughing from a distance. “Wait what? So The guy isn’t coming?! Grahhhh! What a waste of time!” Deborah said before touching her chains and melting them off her and starts to walkway. Renztnah and the other goons shocked. One of the goons pointed his gun at her. “Wait, don’t leave me! Help the other guys out too!”. Renztnah shouted. Deborah nonchalant replied “not my problem, I am outta here. I have to find this so-called mask person who took out my prey.” as she then proceeded to melt away one of the guns pointed at her. Renztnah pause for a while “what are you idiots doing! Don’t let dinner run away!” The boss shouted. His men then pull out their weapons and started to run at Deborah. “Wait! I know where to find the hooded figure! If you get me and the cage people out of here, I will show you where he is!” Renztnah shouted in desperation as the ‘cook’ began to lower him into the pot. Deborah then smirked and touched the ground and it all turns into quicksand. All of the goons the fell halfway into it including the boss. The only spot that wasn’t turned into quicksand was where the cages were. She then touch the ground again and it turn back solid and all of the goons where now all stuck with only their heads out. As they grunted and yell for help she just walks toward the cages and touches the bars and they bar melted. All of the prisoners just ran out of the cave yelling with joy. She then shook her head then melted the chains Renztnah was hanging on and he fell on the floor. He got up in shock then ran out of the cave too. The hot beaming sun blasting on his face he looked back at the entrance and Deborah comes out and threw his clothes at him and said: “now, show me where this punk hiding!”


Come again  tomorrow!


EOW Chapter 1

The world had ended…but the end was only the beginning.


*bang* the shot echoed in the empty city streets. “Please, don’t. I…I have kids man. They’re counting on. Don’t do this please” Renztnah, begged on his knees with his eyes closed hand out pleading. There was a masked hooded figure with a long black coat pointing a smoking gun at him. Behind him was a cart of groceries. The figured stayed silent then put his gun away in his coat. Then walked away. Renztnah slowly opens his eyes only to notice the figure gone. He turns his head around and notices the figure walking away. He also sees that there was a mutated dog-like creature bleeding and dead Behind him. He then realized the shot wasn’t aiming at him but the dog behind him. He threw up from looking at it, took a deep breath then got up. He grabbed his shopping cart then started running after then hooded figure. “Wait, wait!!! What the heck was that thing?! Who are you and where is everyone? I am talking to you!”. The figure kept walking and didn’t answer. Renztnah then grabbed into his shoulder only for him to be quickly flipped over and drop on his back. “Ouch,” he said with a faint grunt. The figure looked at him on the floor then continued walking. Renztnah slowly gets up and said “wait, please don’t I don’t mean no harm. I am lost I have no idea where I am. My name is…I am…” He then looked at his orange shirt and saw and saw the writing Renztnah writing on it and said “Renztnah? Yeah, that. Please why are the streets so empty? Where’s everyone?” The figure briefly stops and looked at him. “I don’t know why but I have no idea wh-” before he could finish his sentence a shot was heard behind him and the hooded figure ran into an abandoned grocery store. Renztnah tried to run after him but before he could get the chance, a group of motorcycle started circling him. A voice in the group sounding him said, “you the one who shot we heard earlier huh?” Before he could answer he is hit behind his head by a riffle.


See you tomorrow…

Written by Jacob Ibrag We remained still, fingers intertwined within the midst of our manifested madness. Letting go meant the collapse of our young planet. And on the last leg of our last day, we let go and delivered the inevitable eventuality. Time is a faceless assassin and we were next on its list. Photography […]

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