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As some of you guys may know this year for this blog is all about goals. I am all about posting stuff goal related from now until the end of the year! Goals just like many other things in life tend to somehow relate with family. Some of you might be thinking how does my business goals relates to my family? Well I found out that most people tend to treat their parents and sibling like complete crap when they are trying to accomplish something. They may not even realize how crappy they are to their surrounding because they are so focus on trying to “make the dream come true” or “living the dream”. You never pick up that call when your parents or that annoying sibling is trying to reach you. You are always busy with something whenever they ask you for anything. If you think you fit that description well I am not judging here. I just trying to tell you to not forget those people who struggled with you before you could even spell struggle let alone experience it. You should never abandon your family not matter what stage in your journey you might be. Some of you guys have your family to support you while you are making your journey. Whether during or at the end, you should always treat your family right. I know there are friends and other people helping you in the way too but family will always be the most important. As much as you may not want to believe it friends come and go all the time. That friend you have today that you may think you can’t live without will probably leave you at some point in life. Maybe they will betray you or you will betray them, maybe they will die or be in a coma. I being a little dramatic here but the truth is they probably will move away or something. Not that the dramatic part might not happen it just less likely for some people. The point of this rant is not to weird you out or make you depressed but it’s rather to open your eyes on that really matters when it comes to people. You may not like that annoying sibling but chances are they are more likely to be with you when you old and wrinkly. When people say they consider you like brother or sister, they mean you are the best thing to ever happen to them since your parents. Even if your excuse for ignoring your parents is because they never supported you or believed in your dream but guess what? They brought you into this freaking world! A world you could even dare to dream the dream you are ignoring them for. This the most cliché thing your parents tell you to make you feel guilty but boy are they right! They might have been rich enough to give what you always wanted but they gave you love. Or maybe they were way too rich to give you attention but they made sure that you never have poor people problem aka money problem. Every family has their issues since there is not such thing as the perfect family. What is your excuse for ignoring your people? They gave you life which is something that no one else can give you. Not even that guy or girl you really like. I don’t know about you but that is something you won’t ever pay them for no matter what you give them. The least you could do is give them the satisfaction they ask of you. Who cares if all they want your money or to lash out on you. When they call you better pick up that phone and give them your complete attention! You don’t have to do anything in life remember that. You can ignore your family all you want. When they tell you they need a favor you can ignore them and call they all the names you want. Just remember to ask yourself this, Is that dream worth loving those who cares for you the most? What is it that makes you too busy for them? Is it a job? A Boyfriend or girlfriend? Keep fighting for your dream people! You just got to also keep fighting for your family too 🙂

“My doctor asked if any of my family member suffered from insanity. I told him “no, we all enjoy it.””
-Aunty Acid