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Jean Rene Charles- La Verrite



This week’s artist of the week is non other that amazingly talented Rere Charle. I feel like I should apologize first because some of the pictures of him used in the videos of his are a little crusty but to me this guy to me is a living legend. If I was to talk about his full bio, it would take me days!!! I will try to give you the gist of it in a few lines here. He is a christian social activist. He was fled Haiti in the 80’s to safe himself from death treats he got from the goveremnt because of his controversial musics. He uses his music to describe the social situation of a oppress nation! If that isn’t cool enough to find this dude interesting well, let me tell you that  he has 12 kids….12!!! This has nothing to do with music but this fact always amazed me about him. He did them all with one wife of course since like I said he is he really by the book Pentecostal Christian. His music is just genius and most of well know music is done with his trusty Choir! Yeah I mean how many musicians do you know that have 12 kids (with one wife) is part maestro/solo artist that sings about God, social problems, and evil governments?. Despite all of that what people really about are mostly are his lyrics. They are smart, witty, and just simply talk about the things wish we all want to say with this messed up generation if we had a voice. He sings  a lot about God and all but like a lot of musician is very relatable to the average man. This guys is not in it for the money, he is about social Justice and spreading the word of God and hope to a dying nation. I wish a lot more people would speak Haitian Kreyol here because learning just to hear what he has to say is 100% worth it! The song I going to share today is called “La Verite” which is french for “The Truth”. It’s not his best musical work but is really iconic for all Haitian because in this song he talks about The things he finds true in this world, and how some people wants to hide it. He wrote it this one in the early 80’s when Haiti was under the rule of a fearless Dictator. I want to know what you guys think of this guy really because to all Haitian Christian or not, he is just awesome. Let me know in the comments an I hope you guys enjoy 🙂