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Why I don’t trust Celebrities.

Have you ever have this big celebrity crush and thought that person was the best thing to happen ever? Then one day you find out that person was a fake or did something really stupid. Yeah we all have been felt and this is why I don’t trust celebrities…or and any idol of any sorts. When your favorite person in the world does that outrageous deed you now have three choice. One is to feel betrayed and never talk about this person ever again. If anybody talks to you about that person just pretended that you didn’t know about their existence because that person is dead to you. From time to time when you are in your shower in deep thought you will wonder why you even liked such person. But worry not you will fall in love with another good-looking being who doesn’t know about your existence and repeat that whole cycle again. Your second option is to do what most fans do, go in denial mode. You will argue to death on that Facebook/YouTube comment sections and try to justify that celebrities’ actions. Making Stupid arguments and overreacting will be the least of your worries because anybody that does not worship your favorite rich person is clearly a hater. This usually happens for two reasons one being that you have some sentimental memories connected with that person or you just have no life other than this so and so person’s well-being. Lastly you are one of those who are tired and just chose to never be hurt by any celebrities ever again because they realize they are all selfish beings who are backed up by some large corporations. Yeah that person is me and I am just done. I am going to let you know right now, I was never really into hollywood’s star or any famous person for that matter. I liked a few people who I considered as Idols. I need to do a background check or a person before I start to even consider you as awesome and my standards are pretty high. If I find out you had any form of incident or change in any way before you were famous you are out of my list. I guess you could call me a snob hipster whatever I don’t trust many people (hints the title on this article). After a while after having only like 5 liked people I realized something. They started to do what most famous do…Make a freaking fool out themselves. Those people are selfish too and don’t care about you feelings they just want your attention. I don’t blame them much It’s like having a girlfriend you don’t care about but that is obsessed with you because you have some sort of talent. Some people pretend that famous people should be super beings but that are not. They are nothing more than your average joe (with some what of talent) who would do stupid things if they know they would get away with it because they have money. That being said that doesn’t mean I have to put with your crap. If you don’t feel like you are appreciated in a relationship you leave. But this isn’t just some relationship problem no no no this goes deeper. It’s human nature, people will do things when they think they can get away with it and that is exactly what all famous people will all do eventually on several occasion. I say several because like a bad boyfriend or girlfriend (we are gender equal here) they will repeat their activities once they notice you have forgiven them for it. You liking that person is what is making them get paid. You giving them the power to hurt you basically. I am not saying there aren’t some good people out but when the time will come for them to do that obvious mistake they will. What I find really funny is that those “supportive fans” will sometimes go and start judging other celebrities so they can feel better about their unbearable one. “She is a hoe who strips like that?” or “This guy is douche his fans are just idiots” and I am like you aren’t one? Look I am not trying to insult any fan base I am just saying they are the same when it come to defending their Idol. Sometimes I think people do that because they want to believe in something because their life sucks and that not so great celebrity is all they have as an escape. Keeping the illusion of how great that person is the only way for them to sleep at night. I am not judging but I just saying I will not be part of those dreamers. I got enough problem in my life to worry about than to worry about when is next scandal or next milestone of somebody else who feeds on my beliefs like that. When I see people freaking about this stuff I just  look away think of how better things I could be doing than this and do them. Most of the people I used to look up to are dead anyways and I just don’t look up to the dead…it’s just not fun. I only look up to the future and my issues I have now and move on…I guess all I am trying to say is there is more to life than that one guy/girl you don’t even know.