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EOW Chapter 4

I can’t stop him


He lifted both of then off the ground and made then both hover a bit lower than him. He gave a quick glance at the gem and it broke. They all got through the portal before it quickly closed down. As they go through the portal a cold wind blew past them, everything looks grey until everything fades to black. Renztnah tries to close his eyes but notice he couldn’t. His entire body felt like they were locked in place by an external force locking Everything in a certain place like glue, even his eyelid. Once they went through the portal 025 flew really high in the sky. Renztnah flying face down saw what looked like a medieval town right of the 1300’s. “Things are just as you left them, Deb,” 025 said as he gave her a quick glance. Deborah tries to respond angrily at his but since she couldn’t move her jaw and tongue only sounded like angry gibberish. Renztnah then saw what looked like a man with a rocket launcher mounted on his shoulder pointed at them. “Aghhh.ahhh.aa” was all the words he could get out before he saw a rocket being launch at them. “Oh save the screaming for later when you’ll be thrown in a dungeon,” 025 said while not noticing the rocket getting closer to them. *BOOM*  the explosion went off and both Deborah and Renztnah started falling from the sky. “Oh my gosh, we’re about to die” Renztnah yeah swinging his arms around. “Oh my gosh! I can move and talk again!” He said again with tears of joy and fear coming from his brown eyes. “Shut up and hang on!” Deborah said as the swing he hand in the humid air to form an ice slide. Both she and Renztnah get on it slide for 10 seconds before the ice break and they fall on the straw roof of a house. They fall through the roof and end up on a bed. Renztnah dust some of the straw off him and look at Deborah in a soft worrying voice “is he dead?”. Deborah angrily gets up and said “of course not! You think scumbag could be taken out so easily?! Get up, we have to run before he finds us.” She then gets off the bed and starts running. Renztnah running after her leaving the house and running through the dirty streets. “What the heck is his ability? Why couldn’t you stop him?!” He said looking up and seeing the smoke from the explosion clearing up only to see 025 come out uncarved. “His ability is to control gravity. He can make forced fields, makes things lighter or heavier. I can’t stop him because unlike me, who needs to touch something before controlling its state, all he has to do is look at something and it can control its gravity!” Deborah explains as she runs to hide in a tavern. “I think we lost him,” Renztnah said out of breath half bend over behind Deborah. Suddenly the ground starts shaving and the entire tavern like a toy house was being lifted off the ground. They both ran out of the front door only to see him there. Arms still cross behind him. They quickly close the door and try to run back and they hear another explosion outside. Suddenly the house fell back down. Renztnah and Deborah fell on the floor. They quickly got up and ran to the back. There were more gunshots. As a group of armed men was shotting at 025. “Come here,” a calm voice said in a corridor. They both ran toward the voice and they see this large vinyl threaded basket. It had two worn-out handles.  “Get in!” The voice was coming from a man wearing a medieval monk outfit. and they looked at each other and got in the basket. The man then covers the top of the basket and put it on his back. And walks away from the scene. 025 after neutralizing the people shooting at him lost their tracks. He angrily left as the villagers looked in terror his reflection in a pool of blood running down streets. 


To be continued…tomorrow.

People can surprise you.

I think I hear this saying in  some random movie I was watched a while back but I got to say, it’s more real than you think. We can even surprise ourselves sometimes from what we can do. This could be a good/bad thing as we grow to be more mature. Let’s if you had a camera and record a video of yourself 10 years ago doing whatever, you would find it baffling seeing how much you changed watching it now. You would see the more obvious things like the way you look from 10 years ago was obviously a lot younger. You would realize where you were back then, how things in life was for you, and the things you had to deal with. Then after laughing at yourself a bit and settle down from the nostalgic moments, you will hopefully be downed in deep thoughts. How you talked, listen, and the way you use to see life back then. Maybe you will think that a lot have changed or not much at all since then but one thing will remain the same in either scenario. There are something(s) you don’t see yourself accepting anymore. Maybe it’s something or someone you use to believe in, you don’t believe in anymore. It’s strong, you used to care about that thing so much back then you couldn’t even imagine yourself living without. Now when you think of it, you don’t really care much for it. Maybe you held some sort of good feeling towards it now but it’s far from a positive one. you might fear it, hate it, or simply not care about it anymore. It’s funny really, because back then your life use to revolve around this person, this thing, this idea. But now it’s nothing but just another phase in this life you had to live through. You now begin to wish that someone should have told you more about. Someone somewhere should have faced you and tell you that a few years from now, this think that matter so much to now won’t even matter. I think I am rambling on again about non-sense without any point and made you read through my grammatical mistakes. I guess if there is a point to this post at all, it’s to always imagine that you will be reminiscing about your current actions now. Those thing(s) you love, hate or don’t care about now maybe will become the thing(s) you will hate, love, and care a lot for in the future. Obviously there no way to tell which ones will be which but always keep that in mind when you are making decisions. People can surprise you, You can surprise yourself for better or for worst.


Bliss is a field of lush grass beneath a blue sky,
Dotted with countless golden dandelions,
And there is a tree, a large oak tree,
With branches to shelter from the sun,
A place where time loses its meaning,
Where the trials of the world fade away,
To be replaced by the singing of a songbird
Or the frenetic dance of a dragonfly,

Bliss is a place cut away from civilization,
With neither building nor street to be seen,
Here the wind is crisp and fresh as it blows,
Here the water is swift and clear,
Small things creep through the grass
With subtle sounds, heard but unseen,
Above, things scamper through the tree
As its branches gently creek and groan,

Bliss is a sanctuary far removed
From pollution and perversion,
Where the wild things live and thrive,
A paradise birthed by nature,
From the warm of the sun’s rays
To the cool shade of an oak tree,
From the fragrance of colorful flowers
To the dew that clings to emerald leaves,

Bliss is an ode to a slow and lazy day
Spent in the embrace of the outdoors,
Where problems are a by-gone memory
And nothing more,
Resting beneath a tree in sweet ignorance
With closed eyes and open ears to
Take in nature’s melodious symphony,
As time meanders by, aimless and tranquil.

By Hegemony

Listless Life

Many people are shackled to life,
Hands that were once creative
bound in long and heavy chains,
Here and there and back again,
Repeating each day on end,
Over and over ad infinitum,
Life bleeding ’til veins run dry,
Gutted by the blade of monotony,

They toil and work and slave away
for a reward that is anything but,
And their wills are beaten, broken,
‘Til they are nothing but shells,
Empty husks of themselves,
Chasing a golden apple that is
dangled in front of their noses,
Always held just beyond reach,

And when the sun retires to rest,
They shuffle back to their abodes
and they fall into their readied beds,
Tossing and turning in restless sleep,
‘Til dawn’s coming, when they stir,
Awakening to labor and to toil,
Like cogs in a mindless machine,
They spin but get nowhere.

BY Hegemony

House Cat

With stealth and poise, he leaps and bounds,
As light as a raindrop yet strong and fast,
He defies gravity with such skill and ease,

In the glint of his eyes, the beast within
Is revealed, tame and humbled yet proud,
He is small yet confident and capable,

He warns intruders with bellicose banter,
The house is his rightful kingdom,
Complete with humans to preside over.

BY Hegemony

Absolute Love

There is something about this thing called love,
That kindles within us the a soul-spark of passion,
Yet it seems like we are starting to forget,
The real joy of its tenderness and compassion,
“True love” is nothing but an empty oxymoron,
That tricks us into waiting for what likely won’t come,
The thought of it placates us with empty promises,
While time goes on with little sympathy,
And if, by happenstance, we actually find it,
It seems to be so deceptive and fleeting,
Each failure causes our hearts to grow cold,
And we give up on what could have been,
“True Love” is an empty and shallow lie,
That beguiles us into stale complacency,
We come to expect that things will just happen,
And when they don’t we simply give up,

But “Absolute Love” is nothing of the sort,
It must be planted as a small seed,
It is the sort of thing that one must create,
And once sown it must be tended to,
Absolute Love is like a cherished garden,
The endeavor must be made to get it started,
And then it must be weeded and pruned,
Lest it wither, die, and fall victim to decay,
Absolute Love is an endless yet satisfying task,
One must work to sustain it each and every day,
But the end reward is well worth the effort:
A garden that will always yield good fruits,
“Absolute Love” calls for absolute devotion,
Compassion and empathy and trust,
Loving one’s partner as one loves them-self,
And nothing less will ever do.

By Hegemony


Alone she sits near the silent brook, staring at the dancing ripples.

Unaware of her own thoughts, certainly.

Etched to the core of her imagination, there flickers the existence of a lost light.

She hears the plain mumbling of some hidden flute, ingrained in the fragments of melody.

Somewhere from behind the neighboring trees, sparrows whisper a sweet song to the unruffled air,

And the wrinkles begin to maneuver.

The sloshing of the trifling waves pricks her ears, pulsating with a low murmur in which mystery resides…

Still and speechless, she sits with patience.

Her eyes strive to read through this unknown language, in vain.

A fleet of random clouds clusters above her, where,

Among the patches of white dirt in the sombre blue sky, she loses her thoughts…

Light winds rush past her lone self

As she breathes in the fragrance of solitude, on the verge of insecurities.


BY: Solitary Star


He sits upon his vaulted throne,
To rule over his heavenly domain,
Upon his head, a golden crown,
His eyes sparkling with a hot flame,
His wings and hair are of soft gold,
His heart blazes with a blinding light,
And as the sun prepares to set,
He calls for the sky to shine bright,
And all heed him and come flying,
Their wings and hearts also ablaze,
He spreads his wings and flies aloft,
And they all follow, ready to obey,
He leads them in a heavenly dance,
And they twirl and whirl around him,
For he is the mighty King of Stars,
Gloried and great, regal and prim,
His name is Polaris, his rule absolute,
His voice is gentle yet like thunder,
And he and his stars always dance,
To put on a nightly display of wonder,
Until the dawn’s light begins to near,
And he returns his people to their dens,
And they rest their wings for the day,
Until the King of Stars calls them again,
For they always heed his beck and call,
To rise up and to take flight of wing,
For his authority and words are gentle,
And great is the joy that his people bring.