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People go on with their lives, ignoring what is around them,
They are too busy with their tasks to spare even a thought,
To the glory of what is unfolding all around them,
They all have eyes but they don’t bother to see,
They all have ears but they don’t care to listen,

I sit in my car as I drive along to where I’m going,
Yet I can see and hear the joy that is to be known,
My heart leaps, spurred by fierce anticipation,
I see the steady brightening of the sky,
I hear the cheerful rejoicing of birds,

Then at last a beam of light breaches the horizon,
The first warm, golden rays of the rising sun,
I smile as I greet the coming of the dawn,
I behold the gift of a precious, new day,
I know better than to take it for granted.


Sometimes I wonder what could have been,
As I survey the chaos unfolding within
My own mind, a messy and confusing din
of thoughts run rogue, wild and unkempt,

Not a single day seems to pass by,
When I don’t end up asking myself why
I ended up the way I did, and a slow sigh
escapes from my lips and I shake my head,

Being social can be quite the riddle,
A puzzle with which I often fiddle
To decode gestures so quick and fickle
That it makes my head spin,

Yet as difficult as my own mind can be,
It seems I have unwittingly found the key
To unlock a life so magical and free
That I find myself quite content,

Somehow, I managed to end up with
The gift of gab, the tongue and wit
To express myself without any bit
Of doubt or dreaded hesitation,

And on top of that, I find that I’ve got
A vivid imagination that has taught
Me to look beyond the dreary blot
that takes hold as we grow up,

I still have the magic of a child’s mind
that laughs in the face of the daily grind
of a life that normal people would find
content, but I certainly don’t!

I find it to be quite bittersweet
That I of all people would discover the feat
of being simply me, carefree and upbeat,
Being normal is overrated.

BY Hegemony

The Ancient Road

There will come a time when we are all called,
To depart this world and leave for the next,
To walk upon a road as old as time itself,
As have those who went before us,

But as we move forward, we are compelled to look back,
Upon those whom we have left behind,
We wonder how they will fare without us,
We are pained to see them grieving,

Yet as we walk along that weathered road,
We feel oddly and strangely at peace,
As all things fade away, so too will sorrow,
And they will know joy once more,

The watery tears that fall from their eyes,
Gossamer reflections of their aching hearts,
Shall make way in time for tears of happiness,
As they rediscover the renewal of life.

We are comforted, knowing that eventually,
They too will embark on that ancient road,
And when they do, we’ll be cheering them on,
Ready to welcome and embrace them once more,

Because at the end of that journey is a world,
Where there is no pain and no suffering,
What is broken shall be made whole once more,
For those who travel the ancient road.

BY Hegemony

Absolute Love

There is something about this thing called love,
That kindles within us the a soul-spark of passion,
Yet it seems like we are starting to forget,
The real joy of its tenderness and compassion,
“True love” is nothing but an empty oxymoron,
That tricks us into waiting for what likely won’t come,
The thought of it placates us with empty promises,
While time goes on with little sympathy,
And if, by happenstance, we actually find it,
It seems to be so deceptive and fleeting,
Each failure causes our hearts to grow cold,
And we give up on what could have been,
“True Love” is an empty and shallow lie,
That beguiles us into stale complacency,
We come to expect that things will just happen,
And when they don’t we simply give up,

But “Absolute Love” is nothing of the sort,
It must be planted as a small seed,
It is the sort of thing that one must create,
And once sown it must be tended to,
Absolute Love is like a cherished garden,
The endeavor must be made to get it started,
And then it must be weeded and pruned,
Lest it wither, die, and fall victim to decay,
Absolute Love is an endless yet satisfying task,
One must work to sustain it each and every day,
But the end reward is well worth the effort:
A garden that will always yield good fruits,
“Absolute Love” calls for absolute devotion,
Compassion and empathy and trust,
Loving one’s partner as one loves them-self,
And nothing less will ever do.

By Hegemony


Behold the breathless beauty of the moon’s pale glow,
Feel the hushed whisper of the wind as it blows,
Take delight in the veiled shadows as they flow,
Towards a place of which nobody knows,
Rejoice in the mystery of the cool and dark deep,
As the world prepares itself for restful sleep,
Espy the fleeting creatures who flutter and creep,
Cherish the brevity of the night’s solemn keep.

BY Hegemony


Alone she sits near the silent brook, staring at the dancing ripples.

Unaware of her own thoughts, certainly.

Etched to the core of her imagination, there flickers the existence of a lost light.

She hears the plain mumbling of some hidden flute, ingrained in the fragments of melody.

Somewhere from behind the neighboring trees, sparrows whisper a sweet song to the unruffled air,

And the wrinkles begin to maneuver.

The sloshing of the trifling waves pricks her ears, pulsating with a low murmur in which mystery resides…

Still and speechless, she sits with patience.

Her eyes strive to read through this unknown language, in vain.

A fleet of random clouds clusters above her, where,

Among the patches of white dirt in the sombre blue sky, she loses her thoughts…

Light winds rush past her lone self

As she breathes in the fragrance of solitude, on the verge of insecurities.


BY: Solitary Star


He sits upon his vaulted throne,
To rule over his heavenly domain,
Upon his head, a golden crown,
His eyes sparkling with a hot flame,
His wings and hair are of soft gold,
His heart blazes with a blinding light,
And as the sun prepares to set,
He calls for the sky to shine bright,
And all heed him and come flying,
Their wings and hearts also ablaze,
He spreads his wings and flies aloft,
And they all follow, ready to obey,
He leads them in a heavenly dance,
And they twirl and whirl around him,
For he is the mighty King of Stars,
Gloried and great, regal and prim,
His name is Polaris, his rule absolute,
His voice is gentle yet like thunder,
And he and his stars always dance,
To put on a nightly display of wonder,
Until the dawn’s light begins to near,
And he returns his people to their dens,
And they rest their wings for the day,
Until the King of Stars calls them again,
For they always heed his beck and call,
To rise up and to take flight of wing,
For his authority and words are gentle,
And great is the joy that his people bring.


Eyes on the prize,
Trying to realize
a long-held goal,
Resisting the toll,
Keeping strong,
Fighting all along,
Goals held tight,
Not taking flight,

Fierce to the end,
‘Round the bend
awaits the success
of winning no less
than the victory
of sweet reality,

Goals made real,
Serendipity’s seal
on a life led well,
Such a story to tell
when goals great
and small create
such halcyon bliss
Nothing amiss.

BY: Hegemony

Vector to the Heavens

The girl collapses into his arms,
Eyes welling up with gentle tears,
Telling him it’s better this way,
Telling him he did the right thing,
This was their last confrontation,
Their very last struggle together,

Her smile begins to fade away as
he weeps tears of confused pain,
Brushing her hair back, holding her
close as she slowly begins to die,
With her last few breaths, she
reminds him of a dark promise,

She had promised him a sacrifice,
For it was by fate’s cruel hand that
only one of them could even exist,
They were both remnants of the
same person, fragmented pieces
of one persona and one mentality,

Only with her death could their
fractured memories be complete,
Only with her death could they
become one and the same again,
She begins to turn into pure light,
offering him such futile comfort,

Slowly, her body crystallizes and
she drifts off into the night sky,
Becoming but one faceted light
among so many jeweled stars,
Even as her memories merged
with his, he cried out for her,

Such was her courage in the face
of an unspeakable and cruel fate,
This was her final act, a last gift
bestowed to a now grieving friend,
She had charted a vector to the
heavens before they’d even met.

BY: Hegemony

Campfire Chorus

The men gathered up fresh logs of wood and
dumped them into a stone encircled pit,

As they toiled and labored, other men worked
to set up tents of stitched-together animal hide,

Then, in a flash, a hot fire blazed ten feet into
the air and the men crowded themselves around,

They laughed and grunted while feasting upon
roasting meats and pipping-hot bone marrow,

The rosy smell of smoke curled and wafted about
the campsite as they finished with their meals,

Taking turns with their stories of mighty beasts
and miles of traveling, stories of the woodlands,

Sharpening their swords and knives, taking the
time to check their equipment and weapons,

Shedding off layers of leather garments to make
themselves more comfortable for the night,

But not before serenading the wilds with a chorus
of old words and tunes that speak vividly of home.

BY: Hegemony