Cheap fun late night ideas?

So I have this friend I want to hang out with but is always busy. I really busy too because I have work, school and everything else in between. After making some modification to my schedule I found that the only time we have free are nights. We are working on this project together right now but I am kind of getting tired of it. I want to take a break but with my limited schedule I don’t know what to do. I am on a budget so there are some things I just can’t do right now. I was wondering if you the readers would be interested in helping me out with a few ideas on what activity can be done at night with little money. What do you guys think I should do?

Spring line!

So one of the new projects I have been working on these pass two months is this T-shirt shirt design. I really like and I think anyone who loves mango will too. is the link. The way it’s going to work is every season I will put up a new shirt and a brand new design. Once we hit the  the same season again next year the design from the last year will no longer be available. Please take this time to go check out what we have now HERE. Even if this isn’t your thing please share it with anyone who you think might be into this. Thank you very much for your support and once again this is the link . Enjoy your day 🙂

“The closest to my heart”

This actually what I used to call this girl I once knew. We had a very complex relationship…but I will try to simplify it the best I can. She was the most amazing girl ever, I loved her and she loved me. Things weren’t always great, we had our flaws. My problem was I wasn’t open enough. I help back on my feelings, I lied sometimes  because I was an idiot. I wasn’t always there when I should have been and I wasn’t as supportive as I should have been. I really loved this girl but she wasn’t perfect either. She was extremely insecure and basically was the cause of her problems. She would get jealous for the smallest things. She always was easily annoyed and triggered a lot of argument, (pointless) but very long arguments. It didn’t help that we were from two very different worlds. She had a rather conservative black and white world and  I lived in a very grey liberal world. We had almost the same core values. We both poetry and the arts. We loved learning and knowledge itself, despite our flaws and differences. We weren’t perfect individual but we were perfect for each other. we were perfect in our imperfections. Despite all of those problems, this wasn’t what separated us. About a month before we parted ways my life took an unexpected turn. I was facing massive financial troubles. I could no longer afford school, I didn’t even know how much longer my family was going to afford the very we were living. We made some very big budgets cuts. I became very busy at work and my physical health was failing. We could no longer afford to talk everyday. I end up leaving all the accounts I had held online. I was very depressed for a while. When i decided to come back to my accounts, the obvious had happen. Everyone had forgotten about me. Anyone I used to talk to online simply wouldn’t reply, even she had left me. I E-mailed her a couple times she never responded. I now have to assume that she moved on to bigger better things than me. I have no one to blame but myself. I wish I could turn back time to the good old days where we could message each other all day. I failed her because I am the one who left.  Now I am all alone…I hope where is happy where ever she might be. 🙂 :/

So much to talk about…

There is so much to talk about I don’t even where to begin. I could talk about TV shows I been watching and, do some reviews. But this isn’t what this blog about, the last time I decided to do a review it didn’t go so well. I could talk about my terrible decisions, like how I decided to abandon the person who care for me the most to be alone. It’s a weird and long story and I am not sure if all of it makes sense. Like does it makes sense to love someone but at the same times to want to be alone? I like being alone and it’s the best way for me not to hurt people. I not sure if she would understand or you would. I could talk about my current projects, like my new shop but i am not sure if that too self absorbed. I am back and there is a lot of catching up to do…starting next Saturday 😉

It’s May2016 (random thoughts)!

Yep, today’s the first day of may. You know what that mean? If you live anywhere near the West Indies it means endless rainy day. If you are anywhere in New York like me it means that you have to deal with this weird, one day it’s nice the other it’s freezing weather. I am serious, when i live right now is schizophrenic. it doesn’t know it is should be spring or winter, in the morning it might look all nice and dandy with a dash of sun an 65 degrees, but late afternoon it may feel life it is cloudy rainy and in the low 40’s for some reason. I am optimistic regardless because in a couple of weeks semester is over for me!!! I can finally blog like i am suppose to and relax. I hope you guys have a great month of may and make the best of it. Go ahead try something new and crazy this month 🙂 When you think hard about it there will only one May 2016. There may be other May for you but this the only month of may that will be in 2016!!! There is only a few hours left in this first day so make it special by trying to talk to someone you either never talked to or have not talk to in a while. Maybe it’s someone you have not been in good term with for a while, or maybe its someone you really admire but never had the courage to talk to. Kick off the month with smile and laughter by listening to the random music I post here 🙂 Now if you will excuse me I have to go back writing my term paper before it’s too late 😦 I hope you have a great Sunday 🙂

RT-Why the hate on immigrants? (Legal Edition)

Before I say anything I would like to make a disclaimer and say that this. I have met some pretty nice Americans in my life so what I am saying here does not apply to Americans everywhere. I have had some people who are really understanding of my situation and were helpful so please don’t take any offense if you know you are not an ignorant. I have been living in the US for quite a while now and I have met all kind of people. One of the most interesting people that stands out to me are the racists and ignorant. Notice that I have put them in two categories because as similar they seem to be they are actually some really heavy differences. Today I going to be talking to all ignorant out there who somehow thinks somehow immigrants here don’t matter. All immigrants matter (even the illegal ones) but today I am all about the legal immigrants. Grab a seat because this might take a while. Some of you ignorant for some reason seem to think that Immigrants have it easy because we only here to take people’s job and live on Federal aid. People these days seems to think only illegal immigrants get treated badly other than “those” people the rest of immigrants got no racial backlash to worry about. I mean, after all, racial oppression is something in the past and we immigrants have it made. Wrong! Do you know how I know that racism is very much alive in these days against immigrants everywhere? It’s because I get the same treatment as illegal immigrants and I am legal! It’s not because just assume I am illegal or anything it’s because in their eyes it don’t really matter. You got those defensive racist telling you that they have nothing against immigrants they just mind the illegal ones. I completely lost count how many times I have been treated like lesser human being just because people assume I don’t speak English or just because I moved from another place. Hearing the occasional “Go back to your country!” or other stupid comments about my ethnicity is all in a work’s day. I once ask myself why? Why are strangers so mean to when I know I did nothing wrong? Is being an immigrant really that much of a sin? I did some research on one of the most racist places on earth (A.K.A. the internet) to find why exactly some Americans hate immigrants so bad. I found myself laughing as I read some of those responses. I filtered the most stupid ones and only considered the ones that seem right and is widely believed but couldn’t more wrong. I stop myself and started feeling so bad at how ignorant people can really be. One of the classical reason to hate an immigrant apparently is that they get some sort magical benefits from the feds that “natives” don’t. This is the one that made me laugh the most because I realize some people really believe in fairy tales. Most people who seem to believe in this fairy tale are struggling middle-class people who want to blame their problem on people. What benefits are they talking about? Illegals don’t get anything from the feds other than deportation. Legal immigrants get the same amount of help from the feds as born Americans gets. Do you know who get food stamps and Medicare? Broke people and by broke people I mean most who aren’t in jail or army and illegals. Welfare is for everyone! Citizenship or green card gets it as long as they are broke enough! Working class immigrants or illegals gets NOTHING!!! Did you hear that internet? Most immigrants don’t get anything from nobody! If you are really jealous or people who can barely afford to eat then my friend you can make your dream come true. It’s not that hard celebrities do it all the time…quit your job and live hard like its nobody’s business. After that, you will begin to complain at how much the universe hates you while you eat garbage. Oh, it gets even easier than you can ask your local homeless white guy since most people who are Welfare Food Stamps Medicare so on are white people. That’s right people you always leave that mind-blowing fact out since you are always busy bullying innocent immigrants. Google it if you don’t believe me most people are federal aid are white people, not the “good for nothing” blacks, not your local “lazy” Mexican, not even the “freeloading” Native American. Another notorious accusation on immigrants is that we take the native’s job they “rightfully” deserve. Before I start this, why do Lots of American feels entitled to stuff so much? I still don’t get why I hope to find the answer to that question someday. That is the actual accusation that made some sense but connected to the others makes no sense at all. How can an immigrant be a lazy freeloader yet is hard-working enough to take your “rightful” job? This logic makes no sense to me. I feel like ignorant should just get together and decide on a fix stereotype of immigrants because the ones I know just don’t add up. I going to assume maybe the “immigrants” they are talking about are legal for this article. I will talk about illegal stereotypes next but for now I going to focus on the legal ones today. In a sense, I guess some immigrants do take American (depending on your definition of an American is) job. Ask yourself this question for a moment…Why are they taking my job? I have all of the advantages to getting the job instead of him/her. I speak better English than them, I am more familiar with the country’s everything and they are not. Well, I got the answer for you, YOU WERE NOT QUALIFIED! Unlike the masses, corporations are looking for the best out of the best to hire. When they are looking at you resume and your GPA is only 2.5 while they got those Indians kids who have had GPA’s of 3.7 or higher, who do you think they would hire? The guy doing the interview might not like that fact, but he will take that immigrant over you. A lot of American won’t admit this, but Kids overseas study a lot more than kids here in the United States, ask anyone who has lived in another country for at least for 5 years. A high school student in France is worth a student here with a 2 years associate degree. Don’t even get me started on the Asians. It’s actually one of the stereotypes that is actually true (to some extent). If your education system has failed you I don’t get how it’s an immigrant’s fault. I am an immigrant and other immigrants are getting jobs I want because they are better than me. The exception is immigrants who came here at a young age and did not have a real founding education back in their country. I immigrants who come here to a high school or even middle school level of education might blow your mind on how much they know, compared to and high school student here. The other reason why American kids are not getting jobs is that the internal economy sucks. Maybe not 2008 sucks but it’s still pretty bad. Unemployment rates at still pretty high compare to where it’s supposed to be. But since people like to have a scapegoat for their problems on immigrants like they are the answer to everything wrong in the United States. If there are any other concerns about immigrants of all kinds please let me know in the comments because I don’t see why there should be. I don’t expect people to love immigrants  and start treating us like we are the best thing to ever happen to Americans (not that we aren’t the best). I just want people to stop saying stupid things about us that aren’t true. Share, comment, like if you understand even the slightest thing I said here 😀