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Dancing Fire

There’s a mystical sort of place out there,
Where the North Wind always blows,
The presence of winter hangs on the air,
And a forest of creaking pines grows,

They say that fire dances across the sky,
So many vivid colors for one and all to see,
Beautiful enough that it seems a lie,
Shimmering lights that conceal a mystery,

Crimson reds and velvet blues,
Blazing golds and forest greens,
Curtains of radiant and dancing hues,
So high up above the evergreens,

There’s this place beyond all your dreams,
Where the heavens alight with dancing flame,
A land of rugged rocks and babbling streams,
Where magic is still real and not just a claim.

BY Hegemony

Beauty of Betrayal

Reality has gone too cold,
Sapping life out of everything,
Somehow I wrestled my way back into that dream world,
Now that was a total surprise,
Betrayal nips at my heels,
Hideously beautiful,
I can’t believe this is happening,

Normal has not served us well,
We have become puppets in a mindless mess,
Individual response is seldom enough,
They try but they too are taken,
By the end of the story it becomes pretty simple,
Bad things happen to good people,
Why can’t we just let it rest?

Deep rooted hatred and irresponsible hostility,
Blackens and tarnishes everything it touches,
Our enemy often knows who we are before we discover who we are,
The four horsemen are coming soon,
They ride on the winds of chaos,
Thunder, rumbling,
There is a very real, highly structured form of darkness,

From the whims of a girl to the wisdom of a woman,
She was betrayed by such blind beauty,
Thus he lured her off the path to her true destiny,
A trophy with no words or voice to speak,
The others saw it but were left powerless,
They waved their fragmented weapons at a laughing enemy,
There is no isolated or insulated child who can escape the attack.

BY Hegemony

A Glass Bottle

Sand cured by the heat of fire,
Shaped to form a vessel,
As transparent as our lives,
Yet as sealed as our hearts,

And from that same sand,
We place within the vessel,
Relics from the briny deep,
Vibrant in color and texture.

Simple in shape and form,
So common we don’t notice,
A capsule of memories,
A vessel forged from hot sand.

BY Hegemony

Heart Song

It started as an ordinary day,
Nothing more and nothing less,
But something happened then,
To cut through all the stress,

It began as a murmur, a whisper,
Barely heard and hardly there,
I felt compelled to pause and think,
To stop and make time to spare,

A very faint feeling, like hunger,
But not hunger at all,
A distinct sense of longing,
A desire to answer its call,

I wondered if I was going mad,
Or if my mind was tricking me,
Or perhaps, by the slightest chance,
Someone special was thinking of me,

And as if on cue, I began to recall,
Memories seeped in the scent of love,
Things that brought me to smile,
To pine like a lovelorn turtledove,

Thoughts of a person so dear to me,
Bubbling up from deep within,
So warm that I got goosebumps,
A tingle that makes me grin,

So I thought about him too,
In the hopes that he would feel,
The song bursting from my heart,
To remind him that love is real.

Never More

No more risk, no,
never more,
Too much pain to be had,
Too much risk to take a chance,
No more mystery,
never more,

It’s not worth the effort,
Nor the time,
Won’t allow the past
to repeat…never more,

Can’t accept the cold
of the unknown,
It burns, it hurts,
It chills to the bone,
Eyes closed, can’t look,
No guessing,
No enigma, no,
Never more.

BY Hegemony