EOW Chapter 1

The world had ended…but the end was only the beginning.


*bang* the shot echoed in the empty city streets. “Please, don’t. I…I have kids man. They’re counting on. Don’t do this please” Renztnah, begged on his knees with his eyes closed hand out pleading. There was a masked hooded figure with a long black coat pointing a smoking gun at him. Behind him was a cart of groceries. The figured stayed silent then put his gun away in his coat. Then walked away. Renztnah slowly opens his eyes only to notice the figure gone. He turns his head around and notices the figure walking away. He also sees that there was a mutated dog-like creature bleeding and dead Behind him. He then realized the shot wasn’t aiming at him but the dog behind him. He threw up from looking at it, took a deep breath then got up. He grabbed his shopping cart then started running after then hooded figure. “Wait, wait!!! What the heck was that thing?! Who are you and where is everyone? I am talking to you!”. The figure kept walking and didn’t answer. Renztnah then grabbed into his shoulder only for him to be quickly flipped over and drop on his back. “Ouch,” he said with a faint grunt. The figure looked at him on the floor then continued walking. Renztnah slowly gets up and said “wait, please don’t I don’t mean no harm. I am lost I have no idea where I am. My name is…I am…” He then looked at his orange shirt and saw and saw the writing Renztnah writing on it and said “Renztnah? Yeah, that. Please why are the streets so empty? Where’s everyone?” The figure briefly stops and looked at him. “I don’t know why but I have no idea wh-” before he could finish his sentence a shot was heard behind him and the hooded figure ran into an abandoned grocery store. Renztnah tried to run after him but before he could get the chance, a group of motorcycle started circling him. A voice in the group sounding him said, “you the one who shot we heard earlier huh?” Before he could answer he is hit behind his head by a riffle.


See you tomorrow…

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