Beauty is a Fallacy


Wherever I go or whatever kind of place I am,

I always see a billboard with a woman

A white skin, a straight hair, a long nose, a small face

The ideal beauty that every woman wish.


My friends always say my rich chocolate skin is ugly

I would be much prettier without it.

They said my curly hair looks like a broom without a handle

My height is “too small” for an old teenager.


All these years I just swallow everything,

As I’m inferior than most of women I’ve seen.

In my class I was the only one with much darker skin,

That’s why “nigger” is my name.


All these years I just learn to love,

My height, my skin, my imperfections and doubts

I don’t blame God for making me this

I just hate the standard beauty I need to achieve.


I’d never seen a much darker Filipina in any advertisement

I’d never seen a woman with my color been praised

I’d never experience someone told me “You’re skin is very pretty”

All I can hear is “what ifs” from people with narrow heads in terms of real beauty.


Beauty isn’t about my skin color or my height or my hair

Beauty is about uniqueness and being fair

Beauty isn’t about fashion and beauty trends

Beauty is the ability to appreciate someone for whom they’ve been.


I tell them that beauty isn’t always what you can see.

It’s an illusion and a fallacy,

It’s a kind of perception with different meaning,

No standard beauty is alike as we’re peculiar being.


Yet people put label on things,

If you’re dark, you’re ugly; if you’re white, you’re pretty

When in fact beauty is just temporary,

What beneath that flawless skin wasn’t a doll,

What remains that pretty face was a skull.


Yes, they might be gorgeous with their skin, their hair, their height

But how about the inside of their heart?

Is it white and flawless as they’ve been?

Or darker than the darkest of a human skin?


It’s like telling God how ugly and unpleasant everything He creates.

As if there still a beauty left after death.

As if God will asked how beautiful you are on Earth,

As if He cared more about your face and not your deeds.


8 thoughts on “Beauty is a Fallacy

  1. dancingpalmtrees

    I’ve been through both racism and colorism. Some from white people and some from my own Black people who have been scarred by slave mentality.
    Back in the 1960s and 1970s when I was growing up in St. Albans, Queens, New York and kids at school made fun of me I would come home crying. My Dad gathered me into his arms comforting me by saying, The Blacker the Berry the Sweeter the Juice. If the berrys too light it has no use.
    Now in two years I’ll be 60 years old and I look twenty years younger. Truly Black don’t crack.

      1. dancingpalmtrees

        Fortunately I no longer battle with other people’s opinions of me. As I’ve gotten older I just don’t care anymore and I place no value on other’s opinions nor do I look for validation or acceptance. Age puts life into perspective. My heart does go out to the younger generation as it seems to be never ending negativity scarring the younger generation both Black and white. Sad.

  2. Ashaar

    I’ll do whatever you would like me to do, whatever you want me to be. 😦 Please come back now?? 😦 I’m sorry. 😦 I really miss you 😦 I miss you allll the time!! 😦 Please come back!! 😦 I don’t know how to make the crying face here…but I’m always crying. 😦


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