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My Week Overall.

I had a pretty good week. i am usually the guy who’s always super negative about everything but I am trying to change that. Sure I know i haven’t been posting that much these past 2 weeks but I posted something…at some point. I felt super tired this week for no reason. I been taking it pretty easy at work but that stupid headache just won’t leave me alone. My boss has left work…permanently. It was for the best but i am going to miss the guy. I haven’t sold a single shirt this week and it’s making me sad. <<== go on this link and buy a shirt if you have the spare change…I will truly appreciate it and the shirt are mango certified good 🙂 Yeah to make things worst i had spend a lot of money for class and other stuff. I haven’t spent so much money in one week like this in a while!!! Okay I said I was going to be positive but I haven’t said anything nice yet. This week i started watching a few good shows (My Love Story!!, Into The Badlands, The Promise). I prayed more than i usually do so that’s also good. the best part of it all i had plenty of mango!!! The part was that they were mostly good quality mango. I haven’t had those in a while so that was truly refreshing. I talked to super awesome people like my friend’s friend who sends my messages for me. yeah she is somehow more busy then me and its our only way of communicating. Her messages always brighten up my day 🙂 I hope she gets back to me soon. Like I said I had a pretty good week all things considered. Don’t forget to pick up a shirt here ==>> and please tell me about your week 🙂

Written by Jacob Ibrag We remained still, fingers intertwined within the midst of our manifested madness. Letting go meant the collapse of our young planet. And on the last leg of our last day, we let go and delivered the inevitable eventuality. Time is a faceless assassin and we were next on its list. Photography […]

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Where Words Daily Come

Words were softly spoken
causing many beautiful
inner feelings to seed and

As they began to travel
to embracing ears hoping
her awaiting heart might
come this day to know

The glorious intent of the
message he penned, hoping
it might open her mind
to see…

What he was tirelessly
trying to say to her that
in his heart, there was a
deep growing need

He spent the night before
in beautiful dreams as in
each he beheld her lovely face

Trying to dress his desire
in the right words bringing
to life a beauty which would
cause her to smile his way

His efforts were rewarded
as his quest for the right
words came radiantly to life
the next day…

Bearing seed while giving
her beautiful smile a very
genuine reason to happily
turn his way…

As he spoke from his heart
that he needed her selfless love

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