Monthly Archives: August 2016

Dancing Fire

There’s a mystical sort of place out there,
Where the North Wind always blows,
The presence of winter hangs on the air,
And a forest of creaking pines grows,

They say that fire dances across the sky,
So many vivid colors for one and all to see,
Beautiful enough that it seems a lie,
Shimmering lights that conceal a mystery,

Crimson reds and velvet blues,
Blazing golds and forest greens,
Curtains of radiant and dancing hues,
So high up above the evergreens,

There’s this place beyond all your dreams,
Where the heavens alight with dancing flame,
A land of rugged rocks and babbling streams,
Where magic is still real and not just a claim.

BY Hegemony

Beauty of Betrayal

Reality has gone too cold,
Sapping life out of everything,
Somehow I wrestled my way back into that dream world,
Now that was a total surprise,
Betrayal nips at my heels,
Hideously beautiful,
I can’t believe this is happening,

Normal has not served us well,
We have become puppets in a mindless mess,
Individual response is seldom enough,
They try but they too are taken,
By the end of the story it becomes pretty simple,
Bad things happen to good people,
Why can’t we just let it rest?

Deep rooted hatred and irresponsible hostility,
Blackens and tarnishes everything it touches,
Our enemy often knows who we are before we discover who we are,
The four horsemen are coming soon,
They ride on the winds of chaos,
Thunder, rumbling,
There is a very real, highly structured form of darkness,

From the whims of a girl to the wisdom of a woman,
She was betrayed by such blind beauty,
Thus he lured her off the path to her true destiny,
A trophy with no words or voice to speak,
The others saw it but were left powerless,
They waved their fragmented weapons at a laughing enemy,
There is no isolated or insulated child who can escape the attack.

BY Hegemony

People can surprise you.

I think I hear this saying in  some random movie I was watched a while back but I got to say, it’s more real than you think. We can even surprise ourselves sometimes from what we can do. This could be a good/bad thing as we grow to be more mature. Let’s if you had a camera and record a video of yourself 10 years ago doing whatever, you would find it baffling seeing how much you changed watching it now. You would see the more obvious things like the way you look from 10 years ago was obviously a lot younger. You would realize where you were back then, how things in life was for you, and the things you had to deal with. Then after laughing at yourself a bit and settle down from the nostalgic moments, you will hopefully be downed in deep thoughts. How you talked, listen, and the way you use to see life back then. Maybe you will think that a lot have changed or not much at all since then but one thing will remain the same in either scenario. There are something(s) you don’t see yourself accepting anymore. Maybe it’s something or someone you use to believe in, you don’t believe in anymore. It’s strong, you used to care about that thing so much back then you couldn’t even imagine yourself living without. Now when you think of it, you don’t really care much for it. Maybe you held some sort of good feeling towards it now but it’s far from a positive one. you might fear it, hate it, or simply not care about it anymore. It’s funny really, because back then your life use to revolve around this person, this thing, this idea. But now it’s nothing but just another phase in this life you had to live through. You now begin to wish that someone should have told you more about. Someone somewhere should have faced you and tell you that a few years from now, this think that matter so much to now won’t even matter. I think I am rambling on again about non-sense without any point and made you read through my grammatical mistakes. I guess if there is a point to this post at all, it’s to always imagine that you will be reminiscing about your current actions now. Those thing(s) you love, hate or don’t care about now maybe will become the thing(s) you will hate, love, and care a lot for in the future. Obviously there no way to tell which ones will be which but always keep that in mind when you are making decisions. People can surprise you, You can surprise yourself for better or for worst.

A Glass Bottle

Sand cured by the heat of fire,
Shaped to form a vessel,
As transparent as our lives,
Yet as sealed as our hearts,

And from that same sand,
We place within the vessel,
Relics from the briny deep,
Vibrant in color and texture.

Simple in shape and form,
So common we don’t notice,
A capsule of memories,
A vessel forged from hot sand.

BY Hegemony