Heart Song

It started as an ordinary day,
Nothing more and nothing less,
But something happened then,
To cut through all the stress,

It began as a murmur, a whisper,
Barely heard and hardly there,
I felt compelled to pause and think,
To stop and make time to spare,

A very faint feeling, like hunger,
But not hunger at all,
A distinct sense of longing,
A desire to answer its call,

I wondered if I was going mad,
Or if my mind was tricking me,
Or perhaps, by the slightest chance,
Someone special was thinking of me,

And as if on cue, I began to recall,
Memories seeped in the scent of love,
Things that brought me to smile,
To pine like a lovelorn turtledove,

Thoughts of a person so dear to me,
Bubbling up from deep within,
So warm that I got goosebumps,
A tingle that makes me grin,

So I thought about him too,
In the hopes that he would feel,
The song bursting from my heart,
To remind him that love is real.


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