Truth and Ideals

TRUTH is the reality around us all,
And the things we accept as facts,
IDEALS are the goals that enthrall,
The things for which we plan and act,

IDEALS without TRUTH is a leaf on the wind,
Blown all about with reckless optimism,
With no information, it is hard to rescind,
Unobtainable goals will become darksome,

TRUTH without IDEALS is a dense rock,
Unmoving, stubborn and pessimistic,
There is wisdom yet a lacking of the shock
To take a chance and be artistic,

TRUTH and IDEALS are complimentary,
They build up upon each other,
Only when they are paired eagerly
Will a good and sound decision stir,

A house divided upon itself cannot stand,
A body divided upon itself cannot thrive,
We all must acknowledge the TRUTH and
Find a worthy IDEAL for which to strive.

BY Hegemony


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