Sometimes I wonder what could have been,
As I survey the chaos unfolding within
My own mind, a messy and confusing din
of thoughts run rogue, wild and unkempt,

Not a single day seems to pass by,
When I don’t end up asking myself why
I ended up the way I did, and a slow sigh
escapes from my lips and I shake my head,

Being social can be quite the riddle,
A puzzle with which I often fiddle
To decode gestures so quick and fickle
That it makes my head spin,

Yet as difficult as my own mind can be,
It seems I have unwittingly found the key
To unlock a life so magical and free
That I find myself quite content,

Somehow, I managed to end up with
The gift of gab, the tongue and wit
To express myself without any bit
Of doubt or dreaded hesitation,

And on top of that, I find that I’ve got
A vivid imagination that has taught
Me to look beyond the dreary blot
that takes hold as we grow up,

I still have the magic of a child’s mind
that laughs in the face of the daily grind
of a life that normal people would find
content, but I certainly don’t!

I find it to be quite bittersweet
That I of all people would discover the feat
of being simply me, carefree and upbeat,
Being normal is overrated.

BY Hegemony


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