The Ancient Road

There will come a time when we are all called,
To depart this world and leave for the next,
To walk upon a road as old as time itself,
As have those who went before us,

But as we move forward, we are compelled to look back,
Upon those whom we have left behind,
We wonder how they will fare without us,
We are pained to see them grieving,

Yet as we walk along that weathered road,
We feel oddly and strangely at peace,
As all things fade away, so too will sorrow,
And they will know joy once more,

The watery tears that fall from their eyes,
Gossamer reflections of their aching hearts,
Shall make way in time for tears of happiness,
As they rediscover the renewal of life.

We are comforted, knowing that eventually,
They too will embark on that ancient road,
And when they do, we’ll be cheering them on,
Ready to welcome and embrace them once more,

Because at the end of that journey is a world,
Where there is no pain and no suffering,
What is broken shall be made whole once more,
For those who travel the ancient road.

BY Hegemony


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