Monthly Archives: July 2016

Heart Song

It started as an ordinary day,
Nothing more and nothing less,
But something happened then,
To cut through all the stress,

It began as a murmur, a whisper,
Barely heard and hardly there,
I felt compelled to pause and think,
To stop and make time to spare,

A very faint feeling, like hunger,
But not hunger at all,
A distinct sense of longing,
A desire to answer its call,

I wondered if I was going mad,
Or if my mind was tricking me,
Or perhaps, by the slightest chance,
Someone special was thinking of me,

And as if on cue, I began to recall,
Memories seeped in the scent of love,
Things that brought me to smile,
To pine like a lovelorn turtledove,

Thoughts of a person so dear to me,
Bubbling up from deep within,
So warm that I got goosebumps,
A tingle that makes me grin,

So I thought about him too,
In the hopes that he would feel,
The song bursting from my heart,
To remind him that love is real.

Truth and Ideals

TRUTH is the reality around us all,
And the things we accept as facts,
IDEALS are the goals that enthrall,
The things for which we plan and act,

IDEALS without TRUTH is a leaf on the wind,
Blown all about with reckless optimism,
With no information, it is hard to rescind,
Unobtainable goals will become darksome,

TRUTH without IDEALS is a dense rock,
Unmoving, stubborn and pessimistic,
There is wisdom yet a lacking of the shock
To take a chance and be artistic,

TRUTH and IDEALS are complimentary,
They build up upon each other,
Only when they are paired eagerly
Will a good and sound decision stir,

A house divided upon itself cannot stand,
A body divided upon itself cannot thrive,
We all must acknowledge the TRUTH and
Find a worthy IDEAL for which to strive.

BY Hegemony

Never More

No more risk, no,
never more,
Too much pain to be had,
Too much risk to take a chance,
No more mystery,
never more,

It’s not worth the effort,
Nor the time,
Won’t allow the past
to repeat…never more,

Can’t accept the cold
of the unknown,
It burns, it hurts,
It chills to the bone,
Eyes closed, can’t look,
No guessing,
No enigma, no,
Never more.

BY Hegemony

Timber Wolf


A ghostly vesper,
With soulful eyes she gazes,
Contemplating, debating,
Confident yet anxious,
The north wind blows,
She sniffs and howls,
A haunting cry that echoes,
echoes across the valley,

She digs in her paws,
The snow is so cold,
Another sniff,
Another question,
Where to go,
What to do, she wonders,
Her ears perk up,
A howl echoes back,

She springs to life,
With swiftness and surety,
The timber wolf charges,
Panting, gasping,
The cold air burns,
But she presses on,
She searches and seeks,
for veiled answers.

BY Hegemony