Monthly Archives: May 2016

Promised Eternity

I pray that all of my humble inequities,
Shall be cleaned away in a hallowed brevity,
That one day I might embrace the mystery,
Of what lies beyond this life and its boundaries,
I pray that I shall not fall victim to calamity,
But rather that I might be blessed with prosperity,
And when my day comes to pass away blissfully,
I hope that I shall be taken into Promised Eternity.

BY Hegemony

The Tangle Wood

I awake to find myself in a very strange place,
A place that is both familiar and alien to me,
There is no way back, only forward can I go,
And so I start to walk down this wide street,
And I quickly find myself in a tangled labyrinth,
There are streets that go every which way or so it seems,
I wander all around, left and right, front and back,
And I only seem to get father and farther lost,
I lift my hand to see that I am holding a lantern,
It is made entirely out of sapphire crystal,
With a multicolored flame burning brightly within,
I hold it aloft to light my way through the blue mist,
The sky far above is a swirl of dark blues,
I venture deeper and farther into the enigma,
I can sense that there is something I must find,
Something I had once that I have now since lost,
I delve and strive and walk with my lantern bright,
To find what the Tangle Wood has to offer,
Haunted by the lure of the music I could have made,
The musician I could have one day become,
Somewhere in all of that blue mist and fog
was a dream long dead, with hope still lingering,
Faint vespers of talent buried beneath reality.

BY Hegemony