We gather here and now to lay witness unto the carnage that is corruption,
The putrid and vile stench of mankind’s sins are clear for us to see,
Our minds are scorched deep with images of indulgence and deception,
And so we contrive to make a sacrifice, in that the world might hear our plea,
We take it upon ourselves to lift to the heavens with a mighty call,
To beseech the sealed ears of those scattered out far and wide,
The day has at last come to cleanse our impurity, once and for all,
A new day in which to summon those with bold hearts to our side,
Hear us now, O’ warriors! Go forth with thy swords and thy peace resolved,
To drown the whole of the world with the sweet red of crimson blood,
Fear not, O’ warriors!  For thou shall be rewarded and thy sins absolved,
As thy blades unleash the life force of the world in a mighty flood,
Hear us and take up of our offering, O’ pious wanderer…Ragnarok,
With thy flames of wrath and by whose destruction we shall be forgiven
Come forth from thy shadows and make of this world a brave epoch,
And deliver us all to the blessed path that leads unto oblivion!

BY Hegemony

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