Midnight’s Child

The hour comes yet at last for the soft and fading light,
Of a sun that sets beyond the sky to make way for the night,
Yet just when all of the shadowed world is truly at its best,
Everyone locks themselves away to catch up on their rest,
Except for one, a sweet young girl, who eagerly waits to see,
The rising full moon in all of its pale and silver beauty,
For this child is different, a fact she has come to know,
She sees herself as unworthy to walk in the sun’s warm glow,
She gave up on the thralls of normality long ago,
And accepted her fate, to walk within the dark’s ethereal throes,
And so she watches from her window to take in the moon’s light,
For she is Midnight’s Child, keeper of the black veiled night.

BY Hegemony


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